SING IT LOUD. Senior Jessica Bishop sings a solo in the song “That’s Christmas to Me” photo/ Kyla McCrary

Vocal melodies and holiday classics took center stage at the winter chorus performance. The performance showcased five choirs: ladies choir, mens choir, Belles Voix, advanced women and concert choir. The winter chorus performance show offered a variety of holiday songs ranging from classics to songs with a modern take, for example songs by Pentatonix. Each song providing a meaning of Christmas.

“The words in each song give a strong holiday feel; it reminds you that Christmas is not just about giving presents but also the gift of giving,” sophomore Johan Quevedo said.

To interact with the audience Belles Voix entered through the back of the auditorium and walked through the crowd while singing. During a brief a break between songs concert choir stood in the rows, faced the audience, and sang Merry Christmas Round. These performances added variation to the show.

“We hope the audience finds themselves feeling the holiday spirit and just having fun,” Chorus director, Jussi Doherty said.  

The different choirs performed renditions of Christmas classics. BBQ, a male trio, sang a rendition of “Jingle Bells that added different tempos and vocal ranges. Concert choir performed a version of this song as well adding humorous motions and different tempos.

“It’s not traditional it is sped up and slowed down and we added movements that make it much more enjoyable to perform and watch,” Quevedo said.

The show ended with the combination of all five choirs singing “Silent Night“. Doherty invited all alumni in the audience to join them on stage for the song. Throughout the performance songs showcased themes that highlight the meaning of Christmas other than getting presents.

“’The Work of Christmas’ is my favorite because the meaning is really powerful. It talks about healing the broken and loving the people around you and that’s the work of christmas,” Quevedo said.


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