Prom week begins April 3, with an array of dress up days to embrace juniors and seniors’ school spirit.

The Senior Class officers brainstormed themes and presented them to Principal Dusty Johns for approval.

“I enjoy getting ideas finished and I like that we get to pick how everyone is dressing up. The hardest part was trying to find original ideas that people would like,” Senior Class president Brandon McCoy said.

Student Government Association encourages juniors and seniors to show their school spirit. The tradition began six years ago, when the seniors requested more excitement and build-up to prom.

“Prom week is great because it hypes everyone up for the dance and gets them excited. It is just really fun,” Junior Class sponsor Jillian Rodriguez said.

On Monday, upperclassmen will dress in 90’s attire for Last of the 90’s day. The Senior Class Council designated Tuesday Superhero/ Villain Duo Day. On Wednesday, students will wear college attire, representing their favorite or intended school.  Then students will break out their frumpiest prom outfits for Tacky Prom Day on Thursday, and wear Crazy Orange and White on Friday. 

“It is an experience you can only have a couple times in high school. Students should show school spirit,” junior Zana Berisha said.

Outfits must remain in dress code and students cannot cover their faces.

The week will close with the “Enchanted Forest” dance on Saturday, April 8, from 6:30-11 p.m., at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista.

“I hope the dance is fun, everything goes smoothly and the DJ plays good music,” McCoy said.

To end the night, the Senior Class Council will announce senior superlatives at the event.

“It is fun to see reactions when they get announced. They usually have [the awards] spot on. It is a fun way to let the kids recognize each other,” Senior Class sponsor Annette Montgomery said.


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