Hundreds of pieces of student artwork will line the walls of The Orange Studio on Thursday, April 20, in the off campus art show, Orange and White Night.

While Orange and White Night provides students the opportunity to display their artwork, the show serves as a Boone Foundation fundraiser.

“It really provides a great gallery showcase and it allows [students] to invite their friends and family to showcase what they are doing. It is a nice compliment to the art show that happens on campus,” Foundation vice president Kate Hartig said.

Digital photography, drawing, AP 2-D Art and AP Art Portfolio students will display their artistic creations. Attendees can purchase the photographs exhibited, with half of the proceeds going to the student, and the other half to the Foundation. (Prices and sizes listed below.)

“It is really cool for the public to see student development in art,” junior Jochebed Kim, Photo 2 student, said. “It broadens people’s take on art and it is especially interesting to see how people could react to your piece.”

In addition to looking at art and listening to live music, attendees can bid on silent auction items. Packages include first choice parking spot for seniors or visitors, first in line at Braves R Back, parent lunch with the principal, designated seats at graduation and tutoring and enrichment services from various teachers. The money raised from auction items will fund scholarships and other on campus service projects. Last year, the money raised helped update the publication’s computer lab, fund seven scholarships and finance the hydration stations.

“[The Foundation] funds very large initiatives that benefit the students,” Hartig said. “We have three major events: the parent mixer in the fall, the golf mixer in the fall, and Orange and White Night. Whatever we can raise is the money that will be funneled back into Boone.”

Fish on Fire will cater and live music from chemistry teacher Glenn Listort will also keep attendees entertained.

The Highlights 

Event: Orange and White Night

Where: The Orange Studio, 1121 N. Mills Ave.

When: April 20, 6-9 p.m.

Admission Price: Free for students, $10 for adults

Artwork Price: $50 for 11 x 17,  $35 for 8 x 11 or 8 x 10, $20 for 5 x 7


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