WORDS OF HOPE. Sophomore Sarina Moursalien writes supportive messages to the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. photo/Chelsi Peter

In light of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people lost their lives on Feb. 14, science teacher and Douglas alumna Lisa Maccarone created Project Douglas. The project aims for students, faculty and the community to collaborate and create a book to give to the school.

In 2007, the students of Stoneman Douglas High School compiled a four feet tall book filled with encouraging letters, poems, pictures and drawings made by the Parkland community. This book was Parkland’s way of showing support to the survivors of the Virginia Tech shooting. 
“I graduated from Stoneman Douglas and I could not just do nothing. I wanted to build a huge book that we can give to Douglas. Anytime anyone needs support or they are feeling sad they can look at this book and say people are here for me,” Maccarone said. “[This is] something to show that Boone supports Douglas.”
Maccarone wants students and community members submit pieces to the media center for the book before April 5. Student volunteers will build the book in the media center.
“The community can get involved by making posters, writing letters, drawing pictures, anything like that. I would like to see every student contribute one small thing to the book. Even if it is as simple as writing out a one to five word phrase,” Maccarone said.
However, student and community pieces must align with set guidelines. Hard copies of the guidelines are available in the media center, front office and room 563.
“We might mean our words well. However, somebody who went through a tragic event might not see it the same way. This is a very serious issue and we have to keep in mind what is said and drawn,” Maccarone said.
Junior Madeline Morrell will be taking photos during lunch of students with their personalized signs. She came to Maccarone with the idea because she wanted to help the victims of Stoneman Douglas shooting. These pictures will be posted on In addition to the book, student taken photos will post on an an Instagram account dedicated to the victims, (@braves_stand_with_eagles).
“Even though I’m politically affiliated, it helps me not look at things in a political way right now and see that people are grieving. This pushes me to find ways that I can help,” Morrell said.
In addition to the book and Instagram account, there is also a fundraiser which will pay for 17 astronomical stars, one for each victim that lost their life at the school. These will serve as other emotional boost for the Parkland community.
“I want the Parkland community to know that all the way in Orlando they have people here for them. We support them, feel for them and that they have our love,” Maccarone said.
Maccarone intends to collect all of the book items by April. 6 and the high school can receive the book on April 14, the second month anniversary of the shooting.

By Samar Baig

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