HOMESTRETCH. For the second time in her high school career, Sophomore Michelle Gunn competed on the same field she practices on, for both field and track events. photo/ Kaitlyn Connolly

On March 30, the track and field team held their second meet on The Reservation. The top three of each event received medals including:


Anson Alexander (400 meter)

Jamion Brown (long jump, triple jump)

Justin Thomas (discus)

Hannah Schneeberger, Natalie Snead (4 x 800 meter relay)

Kristen Strange (discus)


Christian Roberts (100 meter)

Carolyn Brown (800 meters, 1600 meter, 4 x 400 meter)

Reathasia Outler (4 x 100 meter, 4 x 400 meter)


Jack Krantz (3200 meter)

Javia Lee (200 meter, 4 x 100 meter)

Sophia Jordan (4 x 100 meter)

Michelle Gunn( 4 x 400 meter)

Jessica Cannella (4 x 800 meter)


Sarah Strange (4 x 100 meter, 4 x 400 meter, shot put)

Cele Philips (4 x 800 meter)

Click here to see more pictures from the event.


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