Chick fil A
YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. Junior Isabelle Perez enjoys her first bit of Chick-fil-A mac and cheese. photo/Samar Baig

Chick-fil-A added mac and cheese as a new side dish available at all locations last week.

The mac and cheese is a tasty and comforting option.

While other fast food places serve this option, Chick-fil-A’s mac and cheese proves superior. Chick-fil-A masters the side option with a baked layer of orange cheddar cheese that covers the entire top of the bowl. The macaroni is perfectly baked because the top of the noodles aren’t burnt or hard. The cheese sauce is creamy and coats the noodles with just the right amount. The cheese sauce is also not too overwhelming with a cheese flavor.

mac and cheese
GOOEY GOODNESS. The orange on the top of the mac and cheese is cheddar cheese melted on top the noodles. Photo/Samar Baig

The pasta side is served in a plastic bowl and available in two sizes, small ($2.49) and medium ($3.09). The small size is the perfect size for a side if one is getting a main dish, as well. However, the medium is only slightly bigger.

Eating the mac and cheese at Chick-fil-A can cause one to feel nostalgic. The baked top makes one feel as if they were eating a homemade meal. The food is also served warm adding to the comfort in each bit.

Overall, the mac and cheese at Chick-fil-A is a delicious side dish and a great alternative to the sometimes soggy waffle fries.

The Hilights:

What: Chick-fil-A

To Try: mac and cheese

Cost: $2.49 to $3.09

Rating: 5 out of 5


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