With at least 50 movies under his belt, Adam Sandler lives up to his reputation in Hubie Halloween, his latest flick. Released on Oct. 7, Sandler plays the main character Hubie Dubois. The movie takes a classic take on a small town Halloween.

Sandler has plenty of experience as a goofy character actor, thanks to starring roles in movies like Happy Gilmore. These famous movies appear and are referenced in the movie, like his love interest still being the apple of his eye.  The movie includes old characters to commemorate well-known movies he’s starred in, such as Julia Roberts like in Happy Gilmore, and hairstyle references to previous characters. 

The movie takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, in which Dubois is shown as the local narc, and works to inform the citizens of public safety in the area. 

While town members usually brush off his worries and make fun of his precautions, this year the town needs his help with the introduction of a crazy werewolf running around town.

In Salem, Dubois considers himself the town protector of all things but especially relating to Halloween. With Sandler previously playing a kind protagonist role, he fits the role perfectly. While this role can be seen as mildly offensive, casting Sandler to play someone disabled with a stutter, the role is accurately portrayed and he is seen as the town superhero. 

Though at the beginning the kids in the town bully him, this movie is a classic story of the good guy being seen in a favorable light by all town members by the end of the movie. 

With many tricks played, a treat is finally rewarded to Dubois at the end, showing how doing the right thing even under scrutiny from others, is more rewarding.

With this movie taking the classic approach of the good guy getting the victory, the storyline gets repetitive but overall, the movie works as a great family flick for a humorous film. 

The Hilights:

What: Hubie Halloween on Netflix

Starring: Adam Sandler

Release date: Oct. 7

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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