The attached AP calendar shows the schedule for digital and in-person exams this year. photo/College Board

With AP exams approaching in the next two weeks, College Board faces the task of creating and distributing exams nationwide while adapting to different circumstances of schools. 

Despite the altered learning environment the pandemic brought, College Board is still releasing full exams of all yearly content and without use of class resources and notes while testing.

Last year, students were assessed on the units learned prior to the spring break school shutdown. Also, AP exams were an official open resource and note exam last year.

To accommodate more students and schools, College Board is offering three different administrative dates for testing. These dates will extend through June 11.

“[College Board has done] a wonderful job this year with AP exams for this school year,” AP testing coordinator Keith Dixon said.

School testing coordinators surveyed teachers what platform they would like to take there tests on. Students have two options to test: online or in-person. However, there are advantages or disadvantages to both platforms.

With some AP exams being taken digitally, there are a few significant changes. For example, students are unable to go back on questions for security reasons. There is also a new digital testing app that is available for download on most devices. 

Students with questions regarding their testing platform or date of their exam should ask their AP teacher or email


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