Passion and purpose (Episode 6)


Listen to the podcast (click play button above) to hear Dr. Jeffery Redding, West Orange High School choral director, share his passion for music and teaching. 

This self-professed “music geek,” cannot claim a favorite musician or even genre. He enjoys teaching all types and believes it is his energy toward the music that helps build his students’ excitement for the piece.

By teaching the International Phonetic Alphabet Jeff can choose Italian, German or French musical compositions for his students to sing and appreciate. Not only can his students sing in a foreign language, they’ve also incorporated American Sign Language to express emotion.

Watch a sample here:


Jeff takes pride in not only teaching students music, but in helping them “grow their world.” By providing them opportunities to perform in a different city, state or country it expands their world views and helps them realize that “you don’t know what you don’t know.” He loves how choral trips whet student’s appetite for a global understanding of others.

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Dr. Jeffery Redding is the Director of Choral Activities at West Orange High and a proud graduate of OCPS schools. He attended Orange Center Elementary, Robert E. Lee Junior High (now College Park MS) and Jones High School, which are where he developed his love of music.  He attended Florida A&M University for his undergraduate and Florida State University for his graduate and doctoral degrees. From his own experiences as a struggling learner, Jeff believes “Ordinary kids can do extraordinary things.”  Dr. Redding is the 2019 Music Educator of the Year.


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