Innovating OCPS Issue 3 Our schools continue to infuse in great learning!

Dear Innovators,

Thank you for another week of creation, problem solving and collegiality across our schools.  Included in this newsletter are some opportunities for professional growth and development.  There are also opportunities to help make learning memorable and meaningful for our students.  Let’s inspire and support our students by helping to create a more personalized, strengths-based enriching approach to learning!


Thank you to everyone on the DPLC teams for a fun and productive day at Kaley this week.  A special thanks to the principals who led the work in each room:  Junella, Lee, Amanda, Amy, and Bernie.  School teams were focused and engaged, and we’re excited to continue to see strong literacy instruction across all schools and content areas. 

AP Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming AP meetings next week.  We have topics to cover during our discussion, but please bring up topics or questions you may have when we are together.  You may choose the option that works best for you. There is no need to RSVP however, let Maria Seijo know if you are planning to attend one of the geographical learning community meetings. 

AP Meeting Schedule

Table with dates











Makerspace Meetups

Our first Makerspace Meetup and Lego PD is coming up on September 25 at Blankner School, view the maker space flyer .

Super STEM Saturday

Another STEM opportunity is upcoming where our schools can showcase the amazing STEM things that are happening across Innovation:  the ONE and ONLY (FREE) STEM District Competition. This year our Super STEM Saturday will be held on December 7, 2019 at Apopka High School. The OCPS Super STEM Saturday event provides a platform for all OCPS students to showcase their creativity and demonstrate their prowess in STEM activities. The K-12 STEM event is open to all grade levels and will include the following competitions and/or showcases:

  • OCPS SECME STEM Competitions
    • Water Bottle Rocket
    • Mousetrap Car
    • Essay
    • Egg Drop
    • Poster
  • OCPS Energy Whiz STEM Competitions
    • Energy Transfer Machine
    • Comfort Critter Cottage
    • Junior Solar Sprint
  • Elementary STEM Fair
  • First Lego League Jr. Expo
  • OCPS District Envirothon

Please view the PowerPoint and use the Registration Link for more information. 

Some of our schools have already attended an information meeting about this event, but there is still time to organize and join this event. 

  • Schools that attended the information meeting this week
    • Orlando Gifted Academy
    • Stone Lakes
    • Timber Lakes ES
    • Blankner School
    • Avalon MS
  • Schools that participated in Super STEM Saturday last year (2018)
    • Princeton (Helen Opeka)
    • Stone Lakes (Jessica Benscoter)
    • Timber Lakes ES (Nikkee Johnson)
    • Avalon MS (Dionne Lewis)

If you have questions regarding this event after viewing the PowerPoint, please reach out to a participating school from last year.  We’d love to have strong representation from Innovation at this event.  You can also contact for more information, or with questions. 

i-Ready Diagnostic

After reviewing the progress of i-Ready diagnostic testing, it looks as if all of our schools are on track to meet the testing window guidelines.  The i-Ready BOY window for all students in Grade 1 through Grade 8 has been extended to Friday, September 20th. The i-Ready window for students in kindergarten remains unchanged (September 23rd-October 4th).   If you’d like a specific update on how you are faring specific to each grade level with completion of diagnostic testing, please reach out to Prince or Randall.  There is increased flexibility this year regarding i-Ready testing. 

Emergency Drills

Thank you to everyone for conducting and logging your emergency drills by our Learning Community deadlines.  Your diligence and cooperation is very much appreciated.  Next up is a Fire Drill, with the window opening  September 16 and due to the Learning Community by September 25. 

Florida Safe Schools Assessment Tool 

You should be receiving notification that the school assessment in FSSAT is available. As the assessments populate the system, users may receive a notification that an assessment has been assigned to them.  Users may begin working on their assessments as soon as they receive the notification email.  These are due by September 18, 2019. Please use the  FSSAT Companion Guide  as a reference while completing the 2019-2020 School Security Risk Assessment.

2019-2020 Academic Plans

Thank you to the schools who have completed the Academic Plan by September 13.  Remember, these should mirror the goals from your SIP, and contain strategies to address any significant drop in a given school grade category. Please submit completed Academic Plan by Friday 9/19.  See August 23rd posting in Principal Supervisor Coaching Log as a guide to what we will be focusing on throughout the year. You may view the Action Planners here 

Principal Supervisor Coaching Log

After our school visits, we log our work in this shared document in Google Drive.  When accessing Google Drive, you may want to locate it by utilizing the “Shared with me” option on the left of the screen.  The foundation for our work together this year can be found in the August 23rd entry.  We will continue to focus and revisit these topics as we work together throughout the year.  When visiting classrooms, we will share what we’re seeing in this log as well.  All principals and APs should have access to this document.  If someone is missing, please email Stephanie Wyka for access. 

Suspensions and Threats

We have had the chance to review discipline data from 2018-2019 for each of our schools, and I have spoken with many of you this week.  Please continue to reach out to me (call/text/email) for any Level 3 where OSS is a consideration before the consequence is levied.  Therefore, please ensure that all members of your discipline team notify you of any suspensions, and remind them that OSS is not an option for any Level 1 or Level 2 offense.  For any potential Level 4 offense, let’s have a discussion early on in the process so I can loop in Area Administrators from the outset.   

Please continue to be mindful of SESIR definitions and guidelines when coding offenses.  This poster is a resource to help with that, please Click here

If you need advice regarding any threat please contact our office or Area Administrator, Charlie Russ. 

Sharing from PYP Conference

Principal Harris, Dr. LeBoo, and team from Hungerford Elementary School attended the IB (International Baccalaureate) professional development PYP (Primary Years Program) conference. The IB mission is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. Conference topics included the IB learner profile, beliefs and values, making the PYP happen, PYP evidencing learning, PYP building the future, Language and literature, delivering the PYP and more!

The IB program identifies these key concepts that support higher order thinking and provides lenses for considering knowledge related to the central idea in a range of ways. These include:Form (What is it like?) / Function (How does it work?) / Causation (Why is it as it is?) / Change (How is it transforming?) / Connection (How is it linked to other things?) / Perspective (What are the points of view?) / Responsibility (What are our obligations?)  

Have a great weekend and thanks for all you do!

John and team


Timber Lakes Elementary School

Students gatheredSchool Board Member with principals Scott and parent

School Board member Johana Lopez with Principal Scott and parent volunteer













OCPS School Board Member, Johanna Lopez attended the Grandparents breakfast at Timber Lakes Elementary School. This event was organized by the school’s PTA! Great job everyone! 

Audubon Park K-8

Middle school students in classroom



What packs a room after school on a Monday afternoon? The Kick-off of the Harry Potter Club, of course! Audubon Park K-8 started their Harry Potter Club this year! Great student participation and six teachers are in this mix! 

Discovery Middle School

Project Project


Super Science teacher, C. Walsh at Discovery Middle School, converted her white board into chalk walls that she converts into teaching tools and with the, “arts integration” innovation focus students create the walls! The art work was completed by 8th Grader Juan Leon-Orozco (goes by Sebastian).  After he was finished, he told his teacher that he had never created chalk art before and that he really liked it because of how easily you can blend and smear the colors.  It was a great way to create a rapport with this student!

Sun Ridge Middle School

Kids cleaning the garden area

Thank you to all the NJHS members that took time to help keep the Sun Ridge Middle School campus beautiful! Great work everyone! 

Northlake Park Community School

Students working together Students working together Students working together Students working together














The students in Mrs. Koller’s Science class dove into their first STEM challenge of the year! Students learned about what science is and is not and what scientists actually DO. Students were tasked with creating a device capable of protecting an egg on impact. They had a limited list of materials they were allowed to use and had to collaborate with one another in order build and test their device. There was lot of EGG-citement in the air and a few teams were successfully in keeping their egg intact! Many students were surprised to learn that THEY are scientists!



Upcoming event logo

Assistant Principal meetings (see dates above)

Maker Space Meetup- September 25, 2019 at Blankner School


Friendly reminder logo

Emergency Preparedness Due Dates:

SAFE School Plan due by 9/27/19

SERT Table Top Exercise due by 12/12/19

SERT Table Top Canvas Training due by 12/13/19

Facilitated Discussions due by 12/13/19


Send these forms in with ample time to ensure compliance is captured before due dates. 

Drills for the month of September are: 

Fire Drill- Due by 9/25/19


Happy Birthday

9/13 Katherine Barnes
9/14 Elaine Rogers
9/15 Juanita Menzies
9/30 Pamela Webb


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