Hunter’s Creek MS

For the past 25 years Hunter’s Creek Middle School has been serving this community’s children and families with high quality learning experiences and opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Offering a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of our students including a Two-Way Dual Language Magnet Program, a superior rated Music and Performing Arts Program, and a top rated Athletics Program, Hunter’s Creek Middle School ensures that our students find success. As one of the inaugural schools in the OCPS Digital Curriculum Initiative, the school has provided students with digital curriculum in all subject areas through a hybrid instructional model including face to face and online standards-based instruction. Hunter’s Creek Middle School is one of the District’s Innovation Schools and will be introducing the “Classroom without Walls” concept during the 2019-2020 academic year. The Hunter’s Creek Middle School Eagle Family including faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community have built a strong culture that embodies welcoming diversity, narrowing achievement gaps, and soaring to the forefront of innovation.

Our Administration:


Picture of Mrs. Joumana Moukaddam

Mrs. Joumana Moukaddam

Mrs. Moukaddam is a multilingual instructional leader who is committed to sustaining academic excellence and fostering a student-centered educational environment. As a board certified teacher, assistant principal of instruction, director of psychological and social services and a school principal, she has concentrated her efforts for the past 20 years on creating a culture of support for students and teachers in order to improve the effectiveness of instruction and create a collaborative culture with a focus on learning for ALL. Two of her main goals are to build strong positive relationships with all stakeholders and to push every student to his/her highest potential in order to ensure their success in the present and the future.

Assistant Principal of Digital Curriculum

Picture of Mr. Kevin Flanagan

Mr. Kevin Flanagan

For the past 20 years, Mr. Flanagan has had the pleasure of educating OCPS students as a teacher, dean and assistant principal. Mr. Flanagan is a graduate of University of Central Florida and has made central Florida his home since 1996. Currently he oversees the one to one digital device program at Hunter’s Creek Middle School. As part of his daily duties; he trains teachers, empowers students, and assists parents in developing the next generation of 21st century learners. Mr. Flanagan takes great pride in being a student centered professional who strives to build strong educational communities whose main goal is to prepare students for the next stage of their academic careers.

Assistant Principal of Instruction

Picture of Ms. Nicole Sims

Ms. Nicole Sims

Nicole E. Sims has committed her career to the service and education of Florida’s Children and families and to the leadership of those who provide instruction and support to students. For the past 17 years, she has served as teacher, dean, and assistant principal in Orange County, Seminole County and Florida Virtual School. She believes in leading schools to increasing student achievement through providing professional development that lends to high quality standards-based instruction from teachers as well as excellent relationships with families and the community for all staff members; coaching teachers, instructional leaders, and staff; progress monitoring; and showing appreciation for teachers, support staff, students, and their families for all they to ensure the success of students.

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