OCPS’ 2020 Teacher of the Year shares her intense focus on students with special needs – Episode 9

Acceptance speech

Learn why Melissa Pappas, the current Orange County Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, chose to teach students who cannot advocate for themselves.

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New teachers find their rhythm – Episode 8

Posing for award photo

Two teachers discuss being new to the profession and the challenges and successes they experienced.

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Trying something new – Episode 7

Stay Puft Marshmallow

Sometimes it takes mixing things up to realize how versatile we can be. Listen to hear Jennifer Fontaine and Megan O’Dell discuss how their unique partnership helped them and their students learn and grow.

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Passion and purpose – Episode 6

Jeffery Redding headshot

Dr. Jeffery Redding, West Orange High School choral director, shares his passion for music and teaching.

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All things green – Episode 5

Students throw lettuce into manatee tank

Two teachers discuss why creating an Eco Club at their school has immense value. Their list of accolades helps prove others thought it a valuable idea too.

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Relationships, reflection and planning for success – Episode 4

Meadow Woods MS display board

Amy London-Tauriello shares some thoughts on what makes an innovative teacher, tips on reflecting on one’s practice, classroom organization and preparing for a new year.

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Unleashing young readers – Episode 3

Boys looking at a stack of books

Whether we are reading texts messages, emails, news articles, lesson plans, educational periodicals or a book to help us escape the daily grind, reading is a part of our everyday lives. However, for struggling readers, it’s often seen as more of a punishment than pleasure.

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Building trust and a school culture (Episode 2)

Student laughs

Listen to the podcast to hear Marcy and Principal Kelly Steinke discussing trust and school culture. We brought them together to help explain the way they each used their position and skillset to help transform their school.

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Classroom transformation enhances learning (Episode 1)

Showing "dynamite" sticks

As part of a cross curricular lesson, Simmerson transformed her classroom into a cave. See how it all relates.

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