Welcome to the Glenridge Robotics Lab!

My name is Mr. Giles.

I teach Robotics 1 and Robotics 2 at Glenridge Middle School

You can e-mail me at John.Giles@ocps.net.

Channel 2 News Covers Robotics 2 Final Project!

Orange Observer Article on Glenridge Robotics

A big thank you to Mrs. Escalon for her fundraising efforts to get 10 more EV3 Mindstorms sets for the robotics lab!

Other needs: LEGO Mindstorms Education sets, special $300 battery for our NAO robot, extra LEGO’s are always appreciated, batteries (AA and C)


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Glenridge Robotics Lab!

  1. Andrew E

    I am VERY interested to join (as in I want to join)!!!

    • Great Andrew! We will let you know when we have a start date for the club.

  2. I don’t know if my last comment went through, or maybe I put it in the wrong place, but I would be interested in a after school robotics club.

  3. Camila

    I would love to join robotics club! And what are the blocks that we have been using in class called?

    • Great Camila! You are using Robotix right now.

  4. My son Miles will be very interested to participate. He did a week of robotics at Full Sail labs and loved it. Thanks!

  5. Sebastian S.

    I am Sebastian in 6th period. I would like to be part of the club!

  6. Tiffany S.

    I am in your 6th period class and I would like to join the club!

  7. Dylan C

    Id love to have a robotics club after school

  8. Dylan C


    • Hello Dylan

      • Dylan C

        Robotics is the best class.

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