Homework Log and Fridge Notes September 11th

We do not have school this Monday, September 11th through Friday, September 15th due to Hurricane Irma. I am wishing everyone well as we weather this storm. Please stay safe! 

Open House has been rescheduled (again) for  Thursday, Septembers 28th. Progress Reports have also been pushed back to Friday, September 22nd. 

Don’t forget:

I have opened our first Scholastic Books order online! Use the tab at the top of the blog to go to our class’ online store. I am submitting our order on Friday, September 29th. 

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you log on to ProgressBook  to complete the online Parent Technology Media and Information Consent. This must be completed at the beginning of each school year.  Your ProgressBook log-on is in your child’s KOALA Book inside the “Log-on Information Cheat Sheet” page protector. This is a website you will want to become familiar with anyway because it gives you up-to-the-minute information on your child’s grades and progress in every subject. 


Updated Wednesday, September 13th Homework Log September 11 PDF *Since school has now also been cancelled through Friday, this will become next week’s Homework Log.*

Here is the challenge spelling list. More CVCe Words (F) Remember, if you feel that your child has already mastered the words on the regular spelling list, then he/she may choose 12 of the challenge words to practice for Monday night’s  spelling homework. All students will still be held accountable for the regular words on Friday’s spelling quiz and sentence dictation.

Fridge Notes September 11 PDF

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