State Solo and Ensembles

Even though it was spring break, members of the Boone Band were still hard at work bringing in accolades for their musical accomplishments. At State Solo and Ensemble MPA, some of our talented musicians showed off their skills and were rewarded for their achievements.

Superior with Distinction
Erin Fox-Piccolo Solo
Anjali Shinde-Flute Solo
Adam Labovitz-Alto Sax Solo

Superior Solos
Chesley Chan-Bb Clarinet
Garrett McCormick-Bassoon
Morgan Meese-Alto Sax
Lydia Mentzer-Horn
Danny Mentzer-Tuba

Superior Ensembles

Anjali Shinde, Chesley Chan, Garrett McCormick-Woodwind Trio
Zach Dobbins and Danny Mentzer-Euph/Tuba Duet
Zach Dobbins, Brian Wallace, Aidan Keating, Danny Mentzer-Tuba Quartet

Bryce Hayes, Jordan Bright, Nick Wallace, Sean Cook, Spencer Ferrell, Leo Garcia, Chris Mercado, Lucas Oswald, Devin Farris-Percussion Choir