Q:  How much does it cost for my student to participate in the band program?

A:  The PFC (Personal Financial Commitment) is $250 per student for each academic school year. Percussionists and Guard pay an additional $50 assessment to cover costs of extra materials that are needed. Students in color guard will have an additional winter guard PFC (determined each year). Students using school owned instruments pay an additional $50 per instrument each school year.


Q:  Why is there a cost to participate in high school band? We never had to pay assessments in middle school.

A:  The assessments that the BHS band imposes are supplemental assessments that cover costs which are not provided through OCPS. To maintain a high profile and active program we need to come up with the funds necessary (but not limited to): maintain and dry clean uniforms, hire and maintain instructors and teachers to help our students, maintain and repair instruments, purchase auxiliary equipment and instruments (sticks, mallets, drum heads, poles, silks, etc.), pay for assessments to all marching band and concert band events, purchase music/scores, transportation, etc.


Q:  This is a lot of money, I don’t know if my son/daughter should participate in band.

A:  Finances should NEVER prohibit a student from participating in the band program. If a student wants to do band, they should follow through. We have a comprehensive fundraising program where students can earn enough money to pay off their entire PFC if they work at it. If there issues with abiding by the financial due date, please contact Mr. Butler. He always works with every individual situation. As long as there is communication, we can work out flexible payment plans together.  We work hard to keep our PFC one of the lowest in the Orange County from year to year.


Q:  Are all students required to participate in marching band?

A:  Yes. Students involved in band programs in Orange County Public Schools must participate in marching band, since the course is a co-curricular.


Q:  When does the marching band rehearse?

A:  The marching band rehearses twice a week during the fall season on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, there are sectionals for winds, percussion, and color guard on Wednesdays.


Q:  Do the concert bands have additional rehearsals outside of school?

A:  Yes. These do not begin until marching season is over and they are required as part of the co-curricular course.


Q:  What is MPA?

A:  MPA stands for Music Performance Assessment. There are multiple assessments that the band attends through the year (Marching MPA occurs every November, Jazz MPA occurs every February, Concert MPA occurs every March, State MPA occurs every April).


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