This pages contains information about our current fundraisers

Program Ads

This year the Band will be creating a Band Yearbook which will be passed out sometime in the spring. This book allows local businesses and individuals to advertise within the Boone community. The forms are placed below!

2013 Program Ad Order Form
2013 Program Sponsorship Form
2013 Program Parent Letter

Amway Arena
Throughout the year there are opportunities for families to go work at the Amway Arena and raise money for the band program in order to pay for student PFC’s. Here below is the application and information on how to sign up to work.

Volunteer Application and Agreement

Reservation Run
In February, BHS will host a 5k race which will help raise money for clubs (such as band) and athletics. For every registration filled and paid for. The Athletic association will give half the money to any club or organization, and the other half will stay in athletics. The more people that runs for the band. The more money the band will receive. Click on the link below for more detailed information. The race is on Saturday Morning February 15th.

2014 Reservation Run!!!


SCRIP Program Enrollment Code: 9CF3LB88219L5

We have started a new, ongoing fundraiser called Scrip which does not require you to sell anything!

What is Scrip? Scrip is another word for gift card. What the band is asking you to do is to consider purchasing gift cards through the Scrip program to use instead of cash or credit for a good or service you would normally use.

What gift cards are available? There are hundreds of stores and restaurants that participate in the Scrip program. Some popular businesses are Darden restaurants, Chipotle, Starbucks, Winn Dixie, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Chevron, Texaco, Shell, and even iTunes.

How does this earn money for the band? By purchasing the gift cards from the band, the band receives a rebate of between 1.5% and 15% of the face value of the gift card. The percentage is determined by the company who issues the card. The average rebate is about 5%. If 100 families participate and purchase $100 of gift cards per month (that’s just $25 per week), the band could earn around $500 per month or $6000 per year!

How do I purchase Scrip? This is easy! For families who have an email address, you can do your ordering online; however, you will need to send your payment into the school. To order online, go to and set up a free account. The first time you use the website, you will need to register and set up a family account. You will be asked for an “Enrollment Code” for your non-profit group. The code for William R. Boone High School Band is 9CF3LB88219L5. After your family is signed up, you click on the SHOP heading and begin shopping. For families who do not want to shop online, you can pick up a paper order form in the band room, fill out your order, and return the form with payment to a designated box in the band room. Checks should be made payable to Boone High School.

Now you can pay with Credit Card. Here is the Link to do so

Click here to Pay for Scrip Online!!!



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