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End of the Quarter

Gifted Frameworks this week- Questioning, Problem Solving, and Research & Exploration

Can you believe it’s the end of the Quarter! We have learned how to Code,create, and worked on engineering problems. We can’t wait to see what next quarter will bring.

Let’s Create

Gifted Frameworks this week- Questioning, Problem Solving, and Research & Exploration

Wow!! Talk about a busy week! From learning how to code a dance party, to learning how to create a game in Scratch, to having an awesome Makers Space time it’s been non-stop learning. Welcome to the Pond-Leo, Salem, and Ishan.


Mazes/Scratch/Coding OH My!

Gifted Frameworks this week- Questioning, Goals,Products & Performances,and Leadership

Welcome to the pond-  Noah and Matthew

The pond has been a busy place this week. We are still working on our lessons,and we added in additional Scratch lessons as well. 3rd and 4th grade created mazes with Legos before creating in game form in Scratch. 2nd Grade connected computer circuits with  how you build electrical circuits. 1st grade is busy working on coding, and figuring out our classroom maze. We even got to play Kahoot to reinforce our learning about coding.


Scratch Time

Gifted Frameworks- Problem Solving, Leadership,Goals

Along with  the regular coding that we are doing in the STEAM Lab ,we have started learning how to code using Scratch. This allows them to create Sprites to tell a story. Welcome to our newest members in the pond- Sayer, Luken, and Roha. We keep growing!

Welcome back

Gifted Frameworks this week- Research & Exploration, Problem Solving, products & Performances

Welcome back after our little vacation. It’s been a short week, but we have been finishing up our new design for our bridges. Please stop by at Open House on Tuesday September 10th to check them out.


Gifted Frameworks this week- Research & Exploration, Problem Solving, and Leadership

Welcome to the new frogs in our pond-Lucciano, Ayse, Emily, Emma, and Sakura.

This week we created different types of bridges out of a plethora of objects. What makes a strong bridge?

Do I need supports to hold more weight? How many types of bridges are there? All really good questions to ask .

We also have started working on our coding in the STEAM Lab. Check out and see what your child is learning.



Welcome back to the Pond

Gifted Frameworks this week- Problem Solving, Leadership



Welcome back to all my frogs! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break. This quarter we are studying coding and engineering. Your child will be working in to further their knowledge of coding. We are also looking into how bridges are built and the different types of bridges around the world. Looks like we are going to have an awesome year learning!

The End of 2019 Gifted Frogs!

Gifted Frameworks- Leadership, Questioning, Problem Solving

This year has gone by so fast! We have learned Coding, Robots, Maker Spaces, STEAM, Space, Ecosystems-Everglades, and most of all learning is fun, and to FAIL is the beginning of learning.

 A Special Good Bye to my 5th Graders. They were my first group of 1st Graders, and I have seen them grow into wonderful young people. I’ll miss you all! You grew from 5 to a group of 31! Keep dreaming and be the awesome FROGS that you are! Also to those going to the new school next year, it’s been my pleasure to be your teacher for you time in the pond. You will still be a FROG in my heart.

Thank you to Mrs. Elwell ,my ninja room mom! She has kept my room organized, and helped me out in numerous ways. I am very lucky to have such an awesome friend like you! Also a special thanks to my cricket connection for Percy. Mr.Shaun brought in crickets each week to feed our very hunger dragon. Mrs. Rebecca Phillips was Percy personal physician and dragon sitter,she calmed me down when he wasn’t look that perky. I’m very grateful.

It does take a village of awesome parents  that always help out when needed. Thanks to all of you!!

Have a safe wonderful summer. See you on August 12!

Check out our creatively, and all the fun we had learning this year!.


Everglades- Earth Day-Invasive Species

Gifted Frameworks- Research & Exploration, Leadership, Examination of Knowledge, Project& Performance

This week we celebrated Earth Day by planting seeds in terrariums,using recycled glass containers.  We added to our board by writing about our goals to help protect the Everglades.

Did you know that the Everglades is being taken over by invasive species? Pythons are eating many animals that the native panther eats. This has caused an overabundance of pythons and shrinking population of panthers. Considering pythons are growing up to 20 feet long, which one would you like to encounter? Lionfish are another know species that has started to enjoy the Florida shorelines in the Atlantic as well as the Gulf. Plants have also taken over and killed off many of Florida’s native plants. A big lesson we learned is never release exotic pets into the wild. We are currently  creating BrainPop movies to teach others about the problem.

Friday was Maker Space Day, and boy do we like to use our imagination!

Thanks to Mia who comes by everyday to feed our fish!     

Earth Day excitement. Thank-you Mrs. Uppal for your help.    

The Everglades Comes Alive!

Gifted Frameworks- Research & Exploration, Leadership, Examination of Knowledge, Project& Performance

Wow, so much has been going on in our study of the Everglades. Check out the top of the 2nd floor stairs to see our awesome Everglades bulletin board.

Our school is very lucky to be located near Shingle Creek which is the headwaters to the Everglades. All of the Gifted Frogs even got to go to a field study workshop at Tibet-Butler Preserve, and experience part of the Everglades right down the street from the school. We learned about the animals that inhabit the Everglades, and even got to see a few of them. We also collect water samples, and compare and charted what we found in them. Boy were there a lot of animals in that water that just looked like water to us!  5th Grade did a service project planting native Florida plants in the plant area. You can check out the video to learn more about The Everglades River of Grass at  

Check out all the excitement we had in learning about the Everglades.