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Macbeth Anticipation Guide

macbeth.art_.zoom_Copy each statement and indicate whether you agree or disagree.

People will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals.

Our fate is predetermined; we cannot alter our destiny.

It is impossible to be ambitious and maintain your integrity

There are circumstances or events that justify murdering someone.

Everyone is capable of lying, killing, and betrayal; in other words, of being evil.

The world is just; if you do something wrong, you will be punished for it.

Our nature (i.e. our character) is fixed; we cannot change who or what we are.

Patriotism requires obedience to the governing authority.

True love has no ambition.

Loyalty to family supersedes loyalty to government.

You are the maker of your own destiny.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What goes around comes around (karma).

Success is worth any price you have to pay.

Your horoscope is a good indicator of how your day will go.

After you have made your selections, choose three of the statements and explain briefly what made you choose whether you agreed or disagreed with the statement. (You may do this on the back of the paper.)

Adapated from Burke, Cummins, and Herrold.

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