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Mar 15, 2013 - Honors IV    Comments Off on Blake’s “Jerusalem”

Blake’s “Jerusalem”

Originally crafted as the preface to William Blake’s epic poem Milton, A Poem, “Jerusalem” refers to the common English belief that Joseph of Arimathea traveled to Britain with his nephew, Jesus, during the lost years of Jesus’s life not recorded in the Gospels. British church tradition views Jerusalem as a metaphor for heaven, a state of universal peace and love. These lines were set to music in 1916 by Sir Hubert Parry. The resulting hymn is now an unofficial anthem of England. It is sung annually at the Last Night of the Proms, an eight-week series of summer classical music concerts conducted at the Royal Albert Hall. It has also been sung at cricket and football matches, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, various films, and, memorably, in sketches by Monty Python.

This is a nice video of the British countryside accompanied by a choral arrangement of the hymn. Enjoy!

Mar 7, 2013 - Honors IV    Comments Off on Johnson’s Updated Dictionary

Johnson’s Updated Dictionary

johnsonAfter our study of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary, we decided to apply our knowledge of satire and create some definitions of our own. Here are some especially good examples of modern additions to the Dictionary:

alligator – an aggressive mascot that protects Florida from Seminoles.

Apple – company that brainwashes people to buy anything they sell; a fruit.

boyfriend/girlfriend – intimate partner for arguing and special moments.

cell phone – something everyone under the age of 50 can’t be without; brain tumor; a device that enslaves humans to a small screen.

college – main cause of gaining 15 lbs.

dance – event students use to do inappropriate things in front of administrators.

eyebrows – hair above your eyes so your face doesn’t look weird.

Facebook – website used to get to know someone without ever talking to them; acceptable stalking.

female – sex that produces ova or bears young, makes all smart decisions, should be president, wears the pants, and according to Beyonce, “runs the world.”

Hollister – the cave where kids work for pennies.

Instagram – social media website where everyone is a photographer; device used by females to get the attention of males.

male – sex that produces sperm.

money – something the government takes away from you.

senioritis – the lack of caring about how scientific this definition should be.

soccer (football) – a sport the whole world except the U.S. plays.

sour gummies – God’s gift to the world.

teacher – a human who ruins children’s hopes and dreams.

television – a brain microwave; the device which major corporations use to brainwash the populace.

trench coat – attire that should be illegal in all states except Rhode Island; used by pocketwatch vendors and your mom’s felon uncle.

UF – college where people who think they are smart and good sports go to get beaten by FSU; acronym for the University of Florida.

word – this.

Oct 31, 2012 - AP Literature, Honors IV    Comments Off on Congratulations, NEHS Members!

Congratulations, NEHS Members!

Congratulations to the sustaining and newly-inducted members of NEHS!

Courtney Alakan
Alex Azzopardi
Karina Baron
Jennifer Carvajal
Priyanka Chandra
Harrison Chau
Drew Doyle
Kristen Edson
Stephanie Gomez
Adel Hanna
Tyissha Hudson
Kerlande Joseph
Linda Le
Ricky Liang
Michelle Maki
Josiah Martin
Eve Miller
Michaela Myers
Denise Nguyenphu
Nick Roberts
Ana Salas
Shannon Satorre
Stephanie Schreiber
Marianne Scotti
Shane Thomas
Justice Thornton
Dazhane Turman
Lexus Walker
Joanne Zamora
Valerie Zephyr

Oct 2, 2012 - Honors IV    Comments Off on Lord of the Flies Final Writing

Lord of the Flies Final Writing

Now that we have completed our reading of Lord of the Flies, you will be submitting a college-style essay as your final assessment in lieu of a test. The objective is to reveal your knowledge of the work through your use of specific examples from the selected text to support your viewpoint.

In your essay, you should name a quality or characteristic you believe to be vital for successful survival. Some possibilities are communication skills, intelligence, strength, leadership, etc. Your essay should show, using examples from the book, why that trait is so important. So if you pick intelligence, for example, you can include information from the book to show where intelligence helped the boys. You can also show how ignoring intelligence caused problems (which reinforces why it’s so vital).

Your 500-word essay (that’s two double-spaced pages) should be submitted to Edmodo by the end of the day Wednesday, October 9. You will upload your essay to the posted assignment in .doc or .docx format. Other formats do not permit me to make annotations for your review. See me if you have submission issues.

Good luck, and happy writing!