What is TeacherPress?

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TeacherPress is OCPS’s web software powered by WordPress that is used to create teacher websites and/or blogs. Besides being the most popular blogging system on the web, WordPress also enables all teachers a free and easy site to create their site/blog – no more software to update. 


Getting Started:

In order for us to create your TeacherPress account you must be a current OCPS employee and complete the following steps:

  1. Login to http://teacherpress.ocps.net using your personnel number as your username and your current password for email as your password.
  2. Click on the Site Request Tab (or Link)
  3. Fill out the form and submit
  4. Wait a day or 2 and you will be sent an email with a link
  5. Follow the link to connect your Site to the User

Professional Development Services offers both Face-to-Face classes and online resources for site/blog creation with TeacherPress. To sign up for classes please go to signmeup.ocps.net. To access the online resources please go to pdsonline.ocps.net. Once you have logged in you can find the resources under the Professional Development Services Follow-up folder under Community Groups. (If you do not see it, click on Find a Group and Enroll.) Within this group there is a TeacherPress folder with all the available resources for site/blog creation. 

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