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SOTB Mass Text

The Boone High School Band maintains several ways to get your band information: the band website, online calendar, band handbook, CHARMS email system, etc. Often, when info is really important, we will email it out to the band. Unfortunately, email is sometimes an unreliable system to deliver important news. Common problems include BHS Band email being blocked as spam, typos in email addresses listed in CHARMS, addresses not being kept up to date in CHARMS, etc.

Other more inherent problems with email notification exist as well. Email isn’t great for last minute changes or updates. Many people tell us that they don’t check their email once a day. Furthermore, students are relying less on email and more on text messaging than ever.

So, we have started the new SMS (Text Messaging) Headlines Feed. Whenever important info needs to be distributed, last minute changes arise, or important deadlines come up, we will send out an SMS to everyone enrolled in the Headlines Feed. Here are some examples of how we will use the new system.


– Marching Rehearsal has been cancelled due to weather.

– Buses will be late getting back from events.

– It is 11:00pm and we are just leaving the stadium. ETA at BHS is 11:45 pm.

– The band has arrived back at the band hall. Students are ready to be picked up.

– An important informational email was just sent out. If you don’t receive it, please email Mr. Jackson


Interested? Here is how to set it up!

1) Save this phone number on your phone as Boone Band (754)-333-5224

2) Send Boone Band a text message. type this as the message    @sotb
3) It will ask you to reply with your name. Type in your name and reply and you are ready to go.
FacebookIf you have a Facebook, you can like the Band Facebook page and follow the band posts and keep up with the multimedia that is posted. Click on the link below and like the page.

Here is a second Facebook page dedicated to the Colorguard and Winter Guard.





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