2017 Valedictorians

Here at Timber Creek we have 30 valedictorians. Our number one valedictorian and top of class for 2017 is Giana Ortiz. She got to this top spot by having the highest weighted GPA in the graduating class of 2017. Underneath her is the salutatorian, Michael Hoffman who has the second highest weighted GPA of the graduating class. Below these two we have a following 28 students who are titled as valedictorians.

Unlike many other schools we don’t have just one valedictorian and a salutatorian. Here we reward many students. At Timber Creek we reward every student who has a 4.0 throughout their whole high school experience. To become a valedictorian at Timber Creek you must maintain a 4.0 the entire time you’re in high school; meaning you must keep all A’s the whole time.

At graduation this year we are having 7 of the valedictorians giving speeches. To be able to give a speech, the valedictorians had to prepare a speech and deliver it to Mr. and Mrs. Bell, Dr. Paduano, and Mrs. Eskin. Here these four collectively decide who would deliver the speeches. At graduation Giana Ortiz, Michael Hoffman, Kayley Estoesta, Jasmine Forsberg, Sarah Lane, Leyla Remh, and Cristina Toppin will all be starting off the ceremony by giving their speeches.

Below is a list of the 2017 Valedictorians.

Giana Ortiz, Michael Hoffman, Kayley Estoesta, Natalie Shen, Kayla Ortiz, Ankit Vishnubhotla, Carlos Santiago Banon, Shivani Gupta, Lucy Nguyen, BinhAn Nguyen, Isabel Aviles, Noah Bartfield, Natesha Ramdhani, Alex Liou, Armondo Carera, Leyla Remh, T. Colton Potter, Grace Murphy, Alexis Barry, Carson Hall, Amerys Lopez, Brooke Rodgers, Angelina LaVardera, Hayley Teagle, Sarah Lane, Emily Mason, Cristina Toppin, Jasmine Forsberg, Morgan Kerr, and Alam Alessio Graff.

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