Review: Amazon Echo, Second Generation

by Thiago Rego

Amazon released the newest Amazon Echo in November, 2017. This newest version is much more efficient and smaller at half the price. A much better version of the Echo first generation launched three years ago in June 23, 2015.

Amazon have been improving each of their products more and more every year. They also have a whole new generation of Echo products such as: Echo Plus, Echo Connect, Echo Show and Echo Spot.
The new Echo (2nd Gen) has the same shape as the older version but half of the actual size. (15 centimeters tall with a diameter of 8.8 diameter)
Amazon didn’t change or add any buttons to the new version. Having the same 4 buttons as always. (power, mute, and volume buttons)

There is also a huge variety of colors in the new version. Each of them depends on your taste and the decoration in your home. The colors are:
Original black plastic
Original white plastic
Charcoal fabric
Sandstone fabric
Heather grey fabric
Oak finish
Walnut finish
SIlver finish

Amazon also improved the audio, the voice recognition, Alexa mode and the price of the new generation of the smart speaker.

In the new update of the Amazon Echo, Alexa got new functions and abilities for the users. Now, you don’t need to remember the specific name of the device so that you can control it. In the newest update you can make your phrases an action for Alexa or a command. For example if you say: “Good Night Alexa” could mean to turn off the lights, close the blinds or say the time out loud.

The Echo- photo via

You can also now group up your Amazon Echos. If you have more than one Amazon Echo Product, you can synchronize both of them, that way you can reach other rooms without having to move. You can also make the interaction between you and Echo more natural, instead giving some specific type of command, you can make it a simple command.

In the earlier versions of Echo, the voice recognition was really precise. Alexa could hear your voice from across the room, in the kitchen while you cook, during a movie. Now in the newest version of Amazon Echo the feature is even better, with wake word processing, improved beam-forming technology, and enhanced noise cancellation.

After the announcement of the new Echo version and the size of it, most people said that the audio capability would be less powerful than the last version of Echo, which was bigger and had more audio outputs. But they were wrong. The audio capability of Amazon Echo (2nd generation) actually has really good sound quality. The sound is projected by 360 degrees, so you can have a good audio experience for anywhere in the room. The Amazon Echo is compatible with Amazon Music, Spotify and iTunes and others.

As an Amazon consumer I think they are doing a really good job with Echo products; making it better and better in each of the upgrades. The new Echo (2nd generation) is helping me through a lot of stuff at home. Sometimes I’m the one that has to do the dinner and Echo helps me each time giving me the ingredients for each plate I ask for. Alexa also help me with my To Do List which I do every single day. She is also a great listener and she is really good at jokes. She is perfect for your house and for the environment. She is perfect for all ages.You can ask anything and she will answer you. You just have to say it. “Hey Alexa.”