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  • Need A Quick Grab to Eat?

    Need A Quick Grab to Eat?

    by Erika Kurek   McDonald’s. One of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. It has been around since 1955. The first one was in San Bernardino, CA. For many years, McDonald’s has been around selling food to millions across the globe. They have many delicious items to eat, from Breakfast to Dessert […]

  • Life as a Venezuelan

    by Javier Pacheco   My home country Venezuela has been in a bad situation. Especially the economy, which started a few years ago in president election of 1999. Venezuela was very rich country because the amount of petroleum, however, citizens were not happy with everything that was happening during that time; but we were really […]

  • Best Disney Songs

    Best Disney Songs

    by Lucy Armstrong   BEWARE OF SPOILERS Disney is known for their theme parks, characters, and most importantly, movies. Most of their movies include fun characters with cute storylines and awesome music. Here are some of Freedom High School’s students and my own personal top picks for Disney music.     “I Won’t Say I’m […]

  • March for All of Our Lives

    March for All of Our Lives

    by Zarai Travis-Batalla (Photo source: Thomas Yang, visual editor of THEPITTNEWS, 2018) With a 500k donation from Oprah, March for Our lives was one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam War. The outraged youth demanding change in gun legislation to reduce gun violence in the U.S, has caused a controversy. March for Our […]

  • Apple Home Pod: Is It Worth It?

    by Eric Lopez Montilla   Apple is one of the most popular companies of our era. It’s pretty shocking what they have accomplished over the years compared to other companies. It was kind of surprising how Apple hadn’t innovated an AI for homes like Alexa and Google Home. But of course, they caught up with that […]

  • Review: Amazon Echo, Second Generation

    Review: Amazon Echo, Second Generation

    by Thiago Rego Amazon released the newest Amazon Echo in November, 2017. This newest version is much more efficient and smaller at half the price. A much better version of the Echo first generation launched three years ago in June 23, 2015. Amazon have been improving each of their products more and more every year. […]

  • Should Oprah Winfrey Run for President?

    Should Oprah Winfrey Run for President?

    by Nadine Helas If you watched the Golden Globes, then you would’ve heard that Oprah Winfrey is running for President. The reason why I think she shouldn’t run for President is because she doesn’t really have any experience in politics. Some people only run for President to make themselves more famous than they already are. […]

  • Mental Illness: Learn It’s Not a Joke

    Mental Illness: Learn It’s Not a Joke

    by Heysha Garcia-Melendez      Mental illnesses have become a joke and an insult. We’ve used the terms and their meanings so much that we can’t even differentiate whether or not someone is being serious or exaggerating. Serious mental health issues are treated like jokes, as if its only purpose or use is for being […]

  • Album Review

    Album Review

    by Nadine Helas; edited Meleena Mohammed   In today’s music of the 21st century, we have different artists try to describe what’s going on around them and what’s happening in the world. For rappers they use what’s going on around them and passionately tell their story. For example like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, DJ […]

  • Christmas Tech Gift Guide

    Christmas Tech Gift Guide

    by Thiago Rego Christmas’ Tech Gift Guide “What should I buy?”   Everyone is excited for Christmas, getting together with the family, eating a lot of food and the best part of all …getting presents. But along with receiving is giving. Each person have their own taste, that’s why you need to find something perfect […]