Should Oprah Winfrey Run for President?

by Nadine Helas

If you watched the Golden Globes, then you would’ve heard that Oprah Winfrey is running for President. The reason why I think she shouldn’t run for President is because she doesn’t really have any experience in politics. Some people only run for President to make themselves more famous than they already are. If you’re really willing to help the country and make it better, than by all means run for President. If you’re just doing it to be more popular than you already are, then that’s not fair to the people of the country. We need someone that will be fully committed to what they’re about to handle, because it’s a big job when you’re president.

When you’re president, kids and people look up to you and so you have to try to be a good person. Children always look up to famous people because they want to be like them.Whatever you do matters to the whole country and other countries will also see what’s going on. Being president is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Oprah is a good person, I just think that she isn’t prepared enough to be President. There’s other people like Kanye West that are running for President and a lot of people want him to win. Just like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were running for President, they were battling it out. Donald Trump already has so many hotels that he owns in New York City already, maybe he wanted to be President just to become more famous. 

Being president is not an easy job for anyone to handle. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work and you have to put in your all. It’s not a job that everyone can handle and that’s why people have different careers. Oprah Winfrey has achieved many things during her lifetime that people will never forget. She’s a motivational speaker and a graduate from the college of Harvard and has received many degrees. She has also received awards from our former president, Barack Obama. In 2020, we really don’t know what’s going to happen, or what society and the world will look like or feel like. In 2017, this year’s many events have impacted the world so much. In this new year of 2018, we want to start off fresh and being doing our best in everything that we do. 

For example: Hurricane Irma in Florida. This was a horrible hurricane for the state. They even had to close down schools for a couple of weeks. Another event that took place was the solar eclipse during the summer. Not to mention the flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. President Trump flew in a couple of days after it happened.  People even thought there was going to be a nuclear war between the US and North Korea. Trump is still trying to talk to their Supreme Leader of North Korea. With all of these events and more that were going on last year, being president isn’t a job that’s easy. It requires you being all in, putting in your everything and best effort. Most people say they want to be president, the question is are you willing to commit to it ? Are you willing to help the country in all of its needs through the good times and bad ?

The thing is that some people or famous celebrities in general don’t understand that life is not easy for everyone. We go through so many things and we’ll never forget them. There’s people in this world that are suffering or who don’t even have a home. Just like the U.S., we all need to stick together and not separate. If we all listen to what each person has to say then there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish. As a country, we have been through a lot in the past. It’s now 2018 and the future is getting brighter. She has starred in a lot of movies in the past. Also she is known for her show the Oprah Winfrey show. She brings different people on her show to talk to them whether it be celebrities or just people. Oprah is a great person it just matters if she can handle the job of being president for the country.