Need A Quick Grab to Eat?

by Erika Kurek


McDonald’s. One of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. It has been around since 1955. The first one was in San Bernardino, CA. For many years, McDonald’s has been around selling food to millions across the globe. They have many delicious items to eat, from Breakfast to Dessert they have it.

One of the most famous burgers is the Big Mac, McDonald’s signature. It has two beef patties, their “secret sauce,” lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and onions. Many people love and know the Big Mac.

Now one of my favorite foods from McDonald’s is the ranch chicken wrap. It is made with crispy chicken, lettuce, and cheese all in a flour tortilla. It goes perfectly with french fries and a Dr.Pepper.

Now to some of their deserts: apple pies, cookies and sundaes. My personal favorite is the hot fudge sundae. It’s vanilla ice cream with hot fudge over it. It’s so good. They even give you peanuts on the side in case you would like some. Another is their infamous Oreo McFlurry. It’s a vanilla soft served with crumbled up oreo cookies.

Now let’s get to the service. The service isn’t all that, but it is pretty good for a fast food restaurant. They just give you what you need and call it a day. There not really big on manners. But overall it’s okay.

McDonalds is not that clean. A lot of the times when you walk in it’s not 100% clean. There’s a few napkins here and there there can be a bit of improvement when it comes to sanitation.

Overall I would give McDonald’s a 7/10. I like their food, but not so much their service.