Life as a Venezuelan

by Javier Pacheco


My home country Venezuela has been in a bad situation. Especially the economy, which started a few years ago in president election of 1999. Venezuela was very rich country because the amount of petroleum, however, citizens were not happy with everything that was happening during that time; but we were really better then, compared to nowadays.

At the beginning of 2013, through Chavez’s death, the government had to make the presidential elections, and that is when everything started. Nicolas Maduro was part of the government, and he was nominated for elections against Henrique Capriles, and another part of government in the opposition movement.

Nicolas Maduro got 51% of the Venezuelan votes winning the race. Since then, Venezuela has changed in so many ways, making it one of worst countries in Latin America. President Maduro is affecting Venezuelans to the point where they have trouble getting food and water.

There are many situations for all people; some can’t eat everyday, or don’t even have a home. Parents in Venezuela do not have a way to feed their children and everything is only becoming harder to get. The work wage in Venezuela is nothing compare to other countries. The normal salary that almost anyone gets is 1$ each month, which is almost nothing. Families have no way to live peacefully.

I was in that situation and I can tell you that was not easy. My parents decided to emigrate to United States, because they wanted a better future for us. We moved to Orlando in 2016 and started a new life which was hard for all of us. The summer was finally over and I had to start school. At the beginning it was very hard for me, because I didn’t know the language, and I didn’t understand anything of what I was doing. Until I joined a summer camp where everyone spoke English and I had to learn. Everything after that was better. I learned how to socialize with others in English and I started to improve at school. Nowadays my lesson for everyone that thinks that everything always is going to get worse, they just have to wait and get involved. At the end, they’re just gonna see English as part of their life.