A Letter to Ms. Morley

Dear Ms. Morley ,

It’s Dianna and Sashaly here. We’ve been your students for only two years and during the course of this time you’ve taught us so much, not just English or Journalism tactics but life lessons too. You’ve shown us that you truly do care and that we as students can feel comfortable around you and come to you if we’re ever in need. Thank you for that. We’ve always laughed in your class and had a blast. You have had one of the best personalities any of our teachers have had. You are funny, smart, and passionate about what you do, and we admire you for it. Thank you for creating the marketing team, we made a ton of friends because of it and

even though we failed to be a good marketing team we had plenty of laughs and inside jokes about it. Sorry by the way for not getting a sale, to be fair though those businesses were really rude. We’ll cherish the moments where we got yelled at for being too loud and obnoxious (sorry for that also). Being apart of this little family has been an amazing experience as well as seeing what it’d be like to be a journalist in general.  We’ll miss your stories about your cats and your casual jokes. We’ll also miss your relatableness when it came to school and students. We hope everything goes well in your new school and that you have tolerable children to teach. Can’t help but feel envious of all those students that get to have you as their teachers, you’re one of a kind. All of these moments that might not have seemed important have made some sort of impact on our life and have created memories that will never be forgotten. Here’s one final goodbye to a small era that has ended, you will never be forgotten and will always be one of our favorite teachers 🙂


P.S. you can probably figure out who wrote what lol


This is a compilation of people who wanted to say some last words before you go:


Adassa: You’re a wonderful person and a really good sponsor with a big heart who puts so much time and energy in everything that you do. No one is going to be able to replace you, not even Ms.Terry. I hope you find what you didn’t find here and I hope you don’t forget us because we’ll never forget you. We’ll never be able to express how thankful we are to have had you as our teacher, sponsor, and mentor. We hope that you spread feminism and your wokefulness wherever you go.

P.S. you remind me of Raven from Teen Titans, that’s a good thing by the way because she’s my favorite character.


Lucy: I really enjoyed having you as a teacher for both years. I’ll miss you next year and I loved having you as a teacher because we did lots of fun things and you really helped me improve my writing this year, you’re a really fun teacher to have, thank you!


Meleena: I loved you as my english teacher, you’re cool, funny and super nerdy. I hope at your new school everyone appreciates how amazing of a teacher and person you are. I’m sorry to see you go and thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ll never forget you especially because of the rants and weird tangents we had in newspaper. I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!


Heysha: I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and how you are so understanding and I’m really glad that you gave me a space to express my creativity. I hope you have fun in your new school and I hope that they treat teachers with more respect there. I’ll miss the safe space that you provided us. Thank you for hosting the club and thank you for teaching me what an editorial was because I really like expressing my opinions…I’m still going to try and continue writing in journalism. I am also glad that you were my teacher last year, in second period English, and that we could bond over our mutual dislike for Mitchell. Thank you for everything xx Love you 🙂


I hope you know how appreciated you are here Mrs.Morley. Thank you and good luck with everything. We’ll miss you! Love you 🙂