The Switch from Freedom High School’s Color Guard to Winter Guard

by Casey Midds


Freedom High School offers a variety of sports and extracurricular activities to suit just about every interest there is. These usually take place after school and on weekends. Whether the season is summer, winter, or spring, you will always be able to find a sport that suits you.

Color Guard goes through all of the seasons but in different variations. There is regular Color Guard, Winter Guard, and more. The typical Color Guard season ends when the football seasons ends and they go off to compete against other schools. As the Football season came to a close, along with most summer sports, tryouts for the winter season have opened. Winter Guard is one of them.

I spoke to Selena Vega who was on last season’s Color Guard team and recently made it to varsity on Winter Guard. I attended Winter Guard tryouts a few hours early to be able to speak with her. Once I got to the school, we decided to begin our discussion right then and there. I asked her how the previous season of color guard was. She responded simply by saying that the previous guard season was amazing and really fun.

For a majority of the freshmen on the Freedom High School color guard team, it was their first time doing and working with this kind of experience. So, I asked Selena if she expected there to be a major difference in what she had previously learned in color guard versus what she knew was coming up next season in winter guard.

Color Guard is not an easy activity/sport to do but for Selena, she believed that all the hard work she was putting in was going to be worthwhile. She said that she mainly wanted to join Color Guard because her sister used to be in it, so she decided to go ahead and try it

Afterward as we were wrapping up our discussion, I asked her if she planned on joining the Color Guard/Winter Guard team next year during her sophomore year. She said that she definitely will keep doing field and Winter Guard through her high school years because she believes that overall, it’s a great experience and many would agree.