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  • Cheering for FHS

    by Alissa Morris   Freedom High School cheerleaders will be competing in Tampa on December 1st. This is their first competition and it will be held at the Tampa Convention Center. There are two teams for competitions: Junior Varsity and Varsity. This competition is the UCA Regionals, where the Freedom High School cheerleading team could […]

  • The Switch from Freedom High School’s Color Guard to Winter Guard

    by Casey Midds   Freedom High School offers a variety of sports and extracurricular activities to suit just about every interest there is. These usually take place after school and on weekends. Whether the season is summer, winter, or spring, you will always be able to find a sport that suits you. Color Guard goes […]

  • Keep On Diving: One Girl’s Journey to Regionals

    by Laura Chiu   For four years, fourteen-year-old Rachel Ferreter has been doing competitive diving. It’s a grueling schedule: four days a week for about two hours, each training session. But the hard work has paid off, and now she’s at the 2018 Diving Regionals, representing Freedom High School. However, for Rachel, diving is more […]

  • Olympic Ice Events

    Olympic Ice Events

    by Adrianna Nouel Serrano Below I will show you some of the events happening in the 2018 Winter Olympics. The games are scheduled for Friday, February 9 at the Olympic Stadium in PyeongChang, on Saturday 10th they will award the first PyeongChang 2018 gold medal. Ice hockey This tournament was held in France where only […]

  • The Tech Behind 2018 Winter Olympics

    The Tech Behind 2018 Winter Olympics

    By Thiago Rego Each year of the Winter Games, the technology has been improving and changing both the sports and the athletes. In the 2018 Olympic Games, some of the newest technology was launched and used. With the innovations and use of that equipment, 2018’s Winter Olympics in South Korea will never be forgotten. The […]

  • Sports Spotlight: Cheerleading

    Sports Spotlight: Cheerleading

    by M. Scales, S. Fox, and I. Fishbough We interviewed multiple cheerleaders here at Freedom High School to see what it is really like to be one of them. Grace McColgin is a Freshman cheerleader and she says her favorite thing about being a cheerleader is that, “It’s not just a team, it’s like a […]