Miller’s Ale House Review

By: Casey Midds


Once I walked into the restaurant I could obviously tell that they were going for a family friendly and sports bar vibe. On all of their televisions, they either had a basketball game, baseball game, soccer game, or even a golf game playing. There also was a good number of sports paraphernalia all on the walls spread out across the entire restaurant to add to their sports theme. The place was overall really clean, the waitresses were wiping down and cleaning the tables all around. The bathrooms were also very clean there was nothing on the floor or the counters.


    Once I walked into the restaurant, I was seated immediately and about 5 minutes later or even less, a waitress had approached my booth and asked me what I would like to drink. She was very polite, soft-spoken, and patient while I was ordering my drink and food. As she walking around and saw the liquid in my cup was getting lower she gave me a new cup and a new straw, she said she wanted to make sure that I “didn’t go without “. I ordered a regular cheeseburger that came with fries and she also asked me if I had any preferences with the food. The food came out in about 30 minutes or less, the burger was really big and the fries were cooked to a nice golden brown. The burger was cooked perfectly with the bread being a little toasted but in a good way and the fries were not too hot and not too cold. They were just right and were also a perfect size.


    Until then, I had never been to this restaurant chain but I had always wanted to go because I was always hearing about how good it was and how their food is really good. I could easily say that the burger that I had ordered is my favorite item on the menu due to all of the factors it came, for only $7.50. If I could give this restaurant a rating I would give in about an 8.5/10 only because they include their tip into your total so you do not know whether to give them a cash tip or assume it is in your bill.