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  • Miller’s Ale House Review

    Miller’s Ale House Review

    By: Casey Midds   Once I walked into the restaurant I could obviously tell that they were going for a family friendly and sports bar vibe. On all of their televisions, they either had a basketball game, baseball game, soccer game, or even a golf game playing. There also was a good number of sports […]

  • Morimoto Asia Restaurant, a Review

    Morimoto Asia Restaurant, a Review

    by Hannah El Halabi The gorgeous lights, the aesthetically pleasant decor, and the good Asian food, is what describes Morimoto Asia restaurant. Here you will also find awesome service, with cool waiters and waitresses, and fast refills. The theme of the restaurant is dark elegance, centered mostly on glass fixtures. It is quite classy, but you […]

  • Ocoee Founders Day Festival Frenzy Review

    by Madison Dyal   Do you like going out, listening to music, and having a good time with friends and family? Going to a concert sounds like something you would enjoy but going out also comes with a lot of responsibility. If you enjoy country music, or riding rides, Ocoees Founders Day sounds like just […]

  • The Extremely Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    The Extremely Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    by Meleena Mohammed   Netflix reboots a beloved 90s TV Show–Sabrina the Teenage Witch– coming out just in time for Halloween this year. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Netflix Original, and many are still hesitant to take a crack at it, lest they inadvertently ruin their childhood. But fear not, I am here […]

  • HOW TO: Be Confident

    HOW TO: Be Confident

    by Dianna Esguerra Confidence is something we all struggle within our lives, it doesn’t matter how old we are or what gender we are. Over time we are expected to know our self-worth and be happy with who we are. This is easier said than done, so in this article, I’ll be showing you some […]

  • God of War 4: Video Game Review

    God of War 4: Video Game Review

    by Thiago Rego God of War is a series of games for PlayStation players. The game was produced by SONY and was first released on March 13, 2007. The God of War series consists of eight games across multiple platforms. The games consist of a combination of Greek Mythology and science fiction. The story of […]

  • Best Disney Songs

    Best Disney Songs

    by Lucy Armstrong   BEWARE OF SPOILERS Disney is known for their theme parks, characters, and most importantly, movies. Most of their movies include fun characters with cute storylines and awesome music. Here are some of Freedom High School’s students and my own personal top picks for Disney music.     “I Won’t Say I’m […]

  • Suspension Days Stay With You

    Suspension Days Stay With You

    by Arianna Rundberg Some students may say that their goals for their high school years are to graduate or to maintain decent to high grades or even to accomplish a GPA over a 3.0. Well, my goal is quite interesting and may be somewhat confusing. My main goal throughout my high school years is to not […]

  • March for All of Our Lives

    March for All of Our Lives

    by Zarai Travis-Batalla (Photo source: Thomas Yang, visual editor of THEPITTNEWS, 2018) With a 500k donation from Oprah, March for Our lives was one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam War. The outraged youth demanding change in gun legislation to reduce gun violence in the U.S, has caused a controversy. March for Our […]

  • Inside Look at Disrespect in High School

    Inside Look at Disrespect in High School

    by Lucy Armstrong   Today, it seems to many, that respect is expected to be given, but not returned. This is most often seen among peers, but as time passes and generations proceed to change, so do their manners and standards towards elders. Many students nowadays seem to think that mouthing off, not doing work, […]