God of War 4: Video Game Review

by Thiago Rego

God of War 4 screenshot by Thiago Rego.

God of War is a series of games for PlayStation players. The game was produced by SONY and was first released on March 13, 2007.

The God of War series consists of eight games across multiple platforms. The games consist of a combination of Greek Mythology and science fiction.

The story of the series is about Kratos, also known as The Ghost of Sparta. He embarks on several adventures in attempts to avert disaster or to change his fate. As a Spartan warrior, Kratos did many acts of violence during the saga and was also arrogant to most people. He often engaged in morally ambiguous activities, which eventually lead him to accidentally killing his own family due to Ares’ trickery. (Ares is the God of War in Greek Mythology).

Kratos then became the Ghost of Sparta after his act of killing his own family, the ones he loved the most. He avenges his family after killing Ares and becoming the new God of War.

By the time of God of War, Kratos had been serving the gods for ten years and had grown tired of his service and nightmares. Through the games, his mission became to kill and possess Olympus for himself, and revenge was what made him want to continue his mission.

In the newest game that passes in the Norse era of the series, Kratos takes a turn for the good and finds himself controlling his rage, and learning how to truly be a father to his son, Atreus, while combating the monsters, following the death of Kratos’ second wife and Atreus’ mother, they go on a journey to fulfill their promise and spread her ashes at the highest peak of the nine realms. One of the designers of the game, Cory Barlog said: “This game is about Kratos teaching his son how to be a god, and his son teaching Kratos how to be human again.”

According to Nate Stephens, the game will feature the nine worlds of Norse mythology as well as combats, conversations, and levels that had never been seen in the series. In God of War 4, his signature double-chained blades are substituted by a magical battle ax. During the game, Atreus (Kratos son) helps the main character as an assistance in combats.

According to gameplays and E3 information, God of War controller doesn’t have a button to make Kratos jump or swim. They added a boat to make the characters pass through the environment. They added an upgrade system to the game. Now the player can upgrade the armor, weapons, and skills of the character.

The game is popular and one of the most wanted and played. The main character is a video game icon such as Mario Bros, Lara Croft, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The sales of the new games are better than ever and the game has been more popular than expected.  PlayStation is really counting on the players to have a great experience and share God Of War Saga with their friends. The franchise confirmed that they will not stop doing God Of War games, and are planning to spread to different mythologies and a different part of the history of the World. DLCs may be added into the game.

After 2 weeks playing and finishing the game, I can tell that it’s the best game of the whole saga. Most of the changes made in the game didn’t change my opinion about God of War 4. The gameplay is incredibly cool, the new buttons and controller management didn’t bother me, I actually prefer it this way.  The story of the game didn’t disappoint, I’m actually really anxious for the next game or maybe a DLC. Atreus will sometimes stress out the player throughout the game with his incompetence. Kratos’ new characteristics and physical appeal have made the game much better. In the past games, the characters were more furious, angry and ignorant.

The change of mythology helped the saga to grow and also rebuild a franchise that was done with God of War games.

The change of weapons and the upgrade system kept the player entertained during the game.

God of War 4 is an excellent game that you and your friends should definitely play, the story is awesome and will not disappoint you at any moment. Kratos will lead you through a story of adventures and history that you will never forget.

Have a good game 🙂



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