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  • Suspension Days Stay With You

    Suspension Days Stay With You

    by Arianna Rundberg Some students may say that their goals for their high school years are to graduate or to maintain decent to high grades or even to accomplish a GPA over a 3.0. Well, my goal is quite interesting and may be somewhat confusing. My main goal throughout my high school years is to not…

  • Inside Look at Disrespect in High School

    Inside Look at Disrespect in High School

    by Lucy Armstrong   Today, it seems to many, that respect is expected to be given, but not returned. This is most often seen among peers, but as time passes and generations proceed to change, so do their manners and standards towards elders. Many students nowadays seem to think that mouthing off, not doing work,…

  • Presidential Professionalism

    Presidential Professionalism

    By Maureen Ngigi Recent tweets from President Donald Trump conclude that he indeed lacks professionalism when it comes to being our President. According to NBC news, President Donald Trump comments on NFL Players’ Protests and  NBA’s Stephen Curry. President Donald Trump sparked a backlash from some of the biggest names in professional sports over the weekend…