Presidential Professionalism

By Maureen Ngigi

Recent tweets from President Donald Trump conclude that he indeed lacks professionalism when it comes to being our President. According to NBC news, President Donald Trump comments on NFL Players’ Protests and  NBA’s Stephen Curry.

President Donald Trump sparked a backlash from some of the biggest names in professional sports over the weekend after he attacked football players who refused to stand during the national anthem in protest and rescinded a White House invitation to the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry.

In fact, one would think that the way the president acts on Twitter has a greater impact than how your local grocery store’s cashier acts, yet if that cashier were to post something that said something similar to what Trump has posted; she would lose her job.

Trump continued on Saturday, tweeting that players who want “the privilege of making millions of dollars” in the NFL and other leagues should  not be allowed “to disrespect our Great American flag (or country) and should stand for the National Anthem.”

An example of some tweets by Trump.

“If not, YOU’RE FIRED,” he said. “Find something else to do!”

Retired NBA star Kobe Bryant said on Twitter that a president “whose words inspire dissension and hatred can’t possibly “Make America Great Again,” referring to Trump’s campaign slogan. Curry told reporters Saturday that despite the president’s tweet singling him out, his views had not changed. “It’s just kind of beneath, I think, a leader of a country to go that route. It’s not what leaders do,” Curry said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a statement called Trump’s comments on the NFL “divisive,” and said they showed “a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good, our clubs and players represent in our communities.”