Fall Chorus Concert 2014


The HMS auditorium seats 1,000!

Come out and enjoy the Fall Concert presented by the choirs of Boone High School and Howard Middle School on TUESDAY night, October 21, at 7:00PM in the Howard Middle School Auditorium. Admission is FREE for all! This concert will feature the choirs of both Boone and Howard in a joint fall concert, titled “Stand Together”. Selections by the BHS choirs will include familiar songs such as “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel, a medley of songs from fun., and a rousing finale performed by the almost 400 choir students from both Howard and Boone.


Gift Card Fundraiser

Gift cards from our recent “59 minute fundraiser” have arrived! That means that students will now sign out the gift cards they sold over the phone, deliver the gift cards, and collect the money owed. All fundraiser money is due Friday, October 3.

The profits from this fundraiser are intended to help students pay for their chorus uniform. Chorus uniform payments are also due Friday, October 3. See the letter for details!

All County Chorus Auditions

Chorus students interested in auditioning for the OCPS All County Honor Choir must record their audition with Mr. Doherty after school during the week of September 29-October 3. Students are expected to perform the following items in their audition:

  1. The vocal exercises found at http://bit.ly/practicetracks
    • Sing the word “Zaw” with the piano
  2. Your part in the audition excerpt

All County Calendar

If you are selected from the audition, you must be present at all rehearsals; this includes being on time for the start of rehearsals, and participating
until the end of each rehearsal. Students who do not meet this requirement will not be able to participate in the concert or
any remaining rehearsals.

  • November 18, 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    • Student and director orientation (Freedom High School)
  • December 2, 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    • Student and director orientation (Lake Nona High School) – ONLY for drama students’ conflict with Nov. 18
  • January 27, 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    • Rehearsal and sectionals (Freedom Middle School)
  • January 30, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. students must bring a packed lunch
    • Rehearsal with clinician (Calvary Assembly in Winter Park)
  • January 31, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. students must bring a packed lunch
    • Dress rehearsal and concert at 12:00 p.m. (Calvary Assembly in Winter Park)


Members of all OCPS honor choirs will wear their school chorus uniform to the performance. If they do not have a school
chorus uniform, black/white formal attire should be substituted.


The audition is free, but students who are selected for this honor will be expected to pay the $40 registration fee.

Tailgate Party & BBQ

IMG_20130717_132146_081Chorus members and their family are invited to attend the FIRST EVER Boone Chorus Tailgate Party & BBQ! Bring any tail gate party supplies/games that may contribute to the fun! Purchase of BBQ is not required to attend. We encourage you to bring your own drinks and sides!

WHAT: Chorus Tailgate and BBQ
WHEN: Friday, September 26, 3-7PM
WHERE: Boone High School Chorus & Courtyard

Our event is catered by 4Rivers BBQ, and orders can be placed using the order form linked below. All orders must be received by Wed, September 24.


Retreat Groups

Attached is the roster for chorus retreat. Look for your name to find out what group you will be in. Next to each group is the superhero/super villain that your group will represent. Each team has a color that you should try your best to wear on retreat day!


Group 1 – BLACK
Group 2 – PURPLE
Group 3 – BLUE
Group 4 – GREEN
Group 6 – RED


Retreat Volunteers

Hello, parents!

If you volunteered to help with chorus retreat on Saturday, please check the schedule below! It shows who is working what times and tasks. If there are any changes, please reply to this email. On that note, we don’t really need 9 parents to help with the ice cream social. If any of you can switch to helping with receive food items in the morning, that would be helpful.

Kathy Rees is leading all kitchen/food related stuff! If you have any questions or concerns about food related details, she can be reached at 407-506-2327 or kgrforchrist@gmail.com.

Thank you! -Mr. Doherty

Chorus Retreat Volunteers

Saturday, September 13, 2014

8:30 – 11am

Receive food from kids when they arrive & get organized in café/kitchen

  1. Orlando Delgado
  2. Iraida Delgado
  3. Melinda Bolton

11am – 2pm

Set up food; serve food; clean up in Fresh/Soph Café

  1. Casey Wilson
  2. Orlando Delgado
  3. Iraida Delgado
  4.  Melinda Bolton
  5. Carol Reiss
  6. Terry Swain
  7. Jackie Cintron
  8. Meghan Kelly
  9. Stacey Kirk


Light supervision of students during activities.

  1. Meriah Gaboy
  2. Melinda Bolton
  3. Cristi Valdes
  4. Windalin Nieves
  5. Carol Reiss
  6. Terry Swain


Set up and serve Ice Cream and cleanup

  1. Meriah Gaboy
  2. Melinda Bolton
  3. Cristi Valdes
  4. Windalin Nieves
  5. Crista Porter
  6. Carol Reiss
  7. Terry Swain
  8. Jackie Cintron
  9. Meghan Kelly

Chorus Retreat

All BHS chorus students will participate in Chorus Retreat on Saturday, September 13. Students will rehearse in the morning, have a potluck style lunch, participate in team-building activities in the afternoon, and end the day with an ice cream social.

Lots of parent help is needed to ensure this event is a success! Please consider volunteering to help with this event.

Welcome back

Welcome back, singers! We’re excited to start school, awelcome-backnd we’ll all be together for the first time at Chorus Retreat on September 13! We are both looking forward to meeting our new chorus members.

New chorus students should plan to also attend the New Chorus Student Scavenger Hunt after school on September 3.

Roster for Concert Choir 2014-15

In the last week, we have worked with each chorus student individually in order to place them in a choir that best matches their skill level. Congratulations to everyone who was selected to Concert Choir, our auditioned mixed choir.

All members of Concert Choir will be expected to attend the Concert Choir Mini-Camp on August 14-15 (Thu-Fri) from 2-4pm. Those are the last two days of summer prior to the first day of school. Put this in your calendar and plan to be there!

Concert Choir Mini-Camp
August 14-15, 2:00-4:00pm
*Girls plan to stay until 5pm on 8/14 for dress fitting*

CC sings at Graduation

971180_527613170634831_1318429604_nAll members of Concert Choir will perform “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the Boone High School Graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 29. We will have a rehearsal on the floor at Amway Center at 6:45pm. Seniors are called at 6:15, so they should provide their own transportation and simply join us for that rehearsal at 6:45. Underclassmen are expected to ride the bus provided and to complete the permission slip by Wednesday, May 30.