Apple Watch 3 Review

by Thiago Rego

Photo by Thiago Rego

Apple Watch 3 was launched on September 22, 2017. The watch cost $329 (GPS) and $399 (GPS + Cellular).

After months with the Apple Watch three, I got some really good impressions and some bad impressions.

Well, the Watch has an 18 hours battery. That means that you are going to have to charge each night your watch for the next day.

Apple Watch 3 is a really good watch, the funny way that you can see the time is pretty cool, with different watch faces and customize yourself if you wanna put some notifications such as, Battery remaining, emails, notifications, reminders, weather, workout, activity, date, heart rate…

Apple Watch 3 have a new feature that’s totally different from the other versions of watches.

Apple Watch 3 GPS and Cellular version have cellular built-in. Now your phone is not required when you are going to a walk or going to your job. You can still receive calls and notifications from your favorites apps. The new watch features a full LTE and UMTS cellular radio that switches seamlessly to cellular when it is away from iPhone. iPhone and watch share same number, there is no need for an additional number.

Both Apple Watch 3 (GPS) and (GPS + Cellular) have a built-in eSIM, making over-the-air activation possible without compromising space. They also have a 70% faster dual-core processor and new wireless chip. But just (GPS + Cellular) have the new wireless chip called W2, that make Wi-Fi 85% percent faster, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 50% percent more power efficient.

After one entire month testing the Apple Watch 3 (GPS + Cellular), I could see how important it’s to see your heart beating, during walks, workout, and resting. Apple Watch also made me more active with the goals of the Activity Exercise, an Apple app that give you goals for your day, including, stands, exercise, and calories. An incredible workout app, for swimming, outdoor and indoor cycling, outdoor and indoor walking, outdoor and indoor running, the elliptical, rower stair stepper, high-intensity interval training and open water swim. You can get with your Apple watch 50 meters deep and he will resist.

With incredible apps, Apple Watch is my favorite Apple’s creation.  Carrying more than 40 millions of songs, and Siri can now answer you back.

I hope Apple Watch 3 will bring a new era of technology, making the phones into watches, with freedom of calls, freedom of phones.