New Year’s Eve Wildcat Resolutions

By Sarah Hyatt and Emma Brodkin

Once we returned from Winter Break, we walked around the main campus during 2nd period every day for two weeks and asked our fellow Wildcats about their New Year’s resolutions. In addition to talking to students face to face, we also made hard copies of our poll to hand out and ask students in our classes. The following are our results from the Wildcats that participated (estimated 100 students). Check out the popular NYE Resolutions!


NYE Poll News P2

Halloween Costumes

By Marjorie Gandia

Vampires, witches, ghosts, and worst of all, candy corn.  Halloween is one of the most exciting celebrations in October.  The spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween includes candy comas, Halloweentown movies, and cheesy decorations.  But the best part of Halloween is always dressing up.  It’s fun to dress up as something you’re not, or maybe as something you’d want to be – werewolves, anyone?  I guess it all depends on the person.  I, for one, remember the good ol’Twilight days where the coolest thing was to dress up as a vampire.  Team Jacob, am I right?

Costume preferences have evolved from Edward and Bella to this year’s Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.  Halloween is the best holiday to explore any transformations that you might not be able to experience on your regular Tuesday.  On Halloween, you can be anything you have always wanted to be – or you can just go out and scare people.  Either way, you get candy out of it, and who doesn’t like that?  Dentists.  That’s who.

With 98,000 results for tutorials on Harley Quinn costumes already available on YouTube, you can guess how any people will be showing up to their parties as Harley.  Talk about awkward.  Unlike those people, I will be keeping it nice and classy by dressing up as Kanye.  Peace out.


Orchestra Fall Concert

By Sheridan Monk

The WInter Park High School Orchestra held a wonderful concert on Tuesday, October 19th. Four orchestras made up of over 200 students performed a total of eight songs conducted by Laurie Bitters and Sarah Klevorn. The Chamber Orchestra paired up with the Freshman Orchestra. The joined groups only practiced together an hour before the concert but all the students still succeeded.

Each group played a different style of music; Chamber One and Freshman performed The Legend of Duffy’s Cut and Loch Lomond, which are Irish sounding pieces. Chamber Two and the rest of the Freshman played Arabian Dreams and River SongArabian Dreams is a wonderful piece influenced by the Middle Eastern countries while River Song has a celtic style. Advanced Orchestra performed The Kansas Caper, described as a high speed chase through the countryside, and St. Paul’s Suite, a musical jig. Finally, Park Phil played music from the Holberg Suite and Overture to the Wind, the first piece that encompasses the sounds of a storm and the latter is five, 18th century dance styles. 

Overall, the concert was a lively hour filled with great music performed by amazing and dedicated students. Well done to the performers and go wildcats!