Below please find a collection of handouts and presentation materials from information sessions Miss Kelly has presented in the past.  Enjoy!


FLAG 2015:  Progress Monitoring Tools for the FL Frameworks – This is a PDF version of our presentation from FLAG (2015).

FLAG 2014:  Creative Production: The what, why, and how of using creativity to produce & use information, solve problems, and self-reflect.
The  PowerPoint from  Miss Kelly’s presentation for the 2014 FLAG conference.
~~~ Handout Packets:  Creative Production Handout Packet and  T.F.C. Packet!    (Something special just for you!   A little “thank you” for coming to find me, asking great questions, being enthusiastic, and for serving Gifted Learners!)

Critical Thinking: InService for Teachers –
A Power Point presentation from a teacher in-service to help regular classroom teachers support critical thinking.

Miss Kelly’s Open House Prezi 
A Prezi presentation for Open House night! Not that our content is identical, but maybe it’s something to start with and then modify to suit your needs.

Stress In-service –
A teacher in-service about how stress affects the brain. A follow-up to a Brain Based Learning training.

Top Five Tips for Using the Internet to Connect with Practitioners in the Field
Connecting Gifted learners with practitioners in the field is a valuable learning experiences. This document is a handout from a cluster meeting in April, 2007.

FLAG, 2007:   “Creating a Culture of Cognition” 
A Power Point presentation from 2007 FLAG Conference (October 12, 2007), presented by Miss Kelly.
~~~Handout Packet:   Creating a Culture of Cognition

Parent Information Session: “Parenting Gifted Children: Gifted 101”
This Power Point was used while facilitating a parent information session. Content taken without permission from handouts of a session given by Patricia Gatto-Walden, Ph.D. and M. Denise Bishop, NCSP. Suggestions for handouts to use are provided.

Parent Information Session: “Perfectionism & Introversion”
– coming soon – needs to be tweaked in order not to violate copyright! 🙂

Parent Information Session: “Supporting Highly-Able and Gifted Readers at Home”     
Another parent information session for parents of highly-able and gifted readers, not just identified gifted learners.
Handouts: Resources for Parents of Gifted ReadersChallenging Gifted ReadersGifted Readers’ Bill of Rights, Booklist from Dr. Susannah Richards also provided, but is not permitted to be posted online.

Parent Information Session: “Gifted Girls”
A two-page handout of collected quotes (attributed where possible) on the topic of Gifted Girls. This product was part of a conversational session and should in no way be taken as an scholarly view of the expansive topic of Giftedness and Gender.



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