The Mind of a Baseball Player

November 2, 2018 by No Comments

By Chris Gagne, Sports –

 Baseball is widely considered America’s national pastime, and for good reason. Beginning in the 1860’s during the Civil War, it was the first major American sport. Although football has taken its place, it still holds a place in a lot of Americans hearts. As we watch the screens when our favorite teams are playing, we only seem to care what we are experiencing, what’s going on in our heads. But what happens in the minds of a baseball player? What, in terms of motivation and love for the game, goes into a swing or a caught fly ball?
Kaleb Bassett, a sophomore baseball player who has been playing for most of his life, knows the game like the back of his hand. He says that he personally is driven to play by his family, because he wants to be able to provide for them, and his brother, as he was forced to give up the game prematurely. The first baseman also loves the
individuality of each game, as they are never the same. He is also starting a travel season very soon, with the Orlando Jays. As for making a travel team, he states that, “a lot of hard work and time, time to just get those extra reps and to make sure you do more than your competition,” is the way to go.
This is very similar to his hero, Blue Jays pitcher Kevin Pillar, who worked very hard and got drafted low, but is still successful due to hard work and dedication. But a baseball player also needs time off so he isn’t constantly working himself. Bassett, in his free time, spends time with his niece, but never loses his drive, as he also works hard in weightlifting. For younger baseball players, he believes they should work hard and take every extra opportunity for improvement.
Our favorite players who go up to the mound or stand at that plate, have gotten there through hard work and dedication to the sport. This runs through their veins in every swing, every throw, every stolen base. The field is full of competition, but the realization that you have worked hard to get there must come through amidst all of it.