College Spotlight: Chapman University

November 6, 2018 by No Comments

By Jacob Tilden

Chapman is a private, pre-professional and comprehensive liberal arts institution located in the heart of Orange County, California. Chapman’s student body is just over 7,000 students, with people from 49 states and nearly 90 countries around the world. Students at Chapman have a variety of academic interests- sciences, the arts, business, humanities, communications, and more. Our students receive a diverse, well-rounded and hands-on education that allows them exploration within their years of attendance, and prepares them to go into the working world.

All this information is available in the College and Career Center, which is open all day during school hours. The College and Career Center offers a lit to the students; there are even college visits which allow students to talk directly to someone who works for the university, and have any of their questions answered. The College and Career Center is located in the 100 building next to the library. 

After interviewing some students interested in going to Chapman, here’s what I found about why Chapman is the school for them. Justin W. told me that, “I’ve been on the news crew since freshman year, and want to continue studying studio production and possibly directing. Chapman’s film school is Top 50 in the country.”

Justin went more in depth about the film program and how, after extensive research, he has decided that the school is the best fit for him, and is his top pick.