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Recently, a new tradition has started in the cafeteria: a customizable food bar. The food bar started on October 13 and surprised students with the first special meal: Baked potatoes, with many different toppings.

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One day every week, all students can visit a special line during both lunches to design a personalized meal. photo/Glen Cox

This new opportunity allows students to have a fun new addition to their lunch. 

It is geared towards kids that don’t typically eat in a lunch line and gives them the opportunity to try something new and exciting. It lets kids make lunch special,”  cafeteria manager, Nicholas Reynolds said. 

This bar has lots to offer the school and greatly counters a repetitive reputation.

“They get three different choices for the potato itself. They can choose between taco meat, chicken, or the vegan option with black beans. You can then choose additional toppings such as cheese sauce, sour cream, bacon bits, and green onions,” said Reynolds

The tradition isn’t common in other schools and Boone took it on as a way to improve school lunch.

“We’re one of three schools. We’re doing it along with Evans and Timber Creek. So far, all the students I know of are really enjoying it at all three schools,” said Reynolds.

Cafeteria manager Nicholas Reynolds is next to the SPUD menu, with many customizable options. photo/Glen Cox

The potatoes are a hit, but it has a few complaints. Some kids don’t even realize it exists or the choices do not favor what they like to eat.

“I do not like this tradition. The potatoes taste dry,” freshman Jim Rodriquez said. 

However, this tradition won’t be just potatoes for long. 

“Eventually they will change monthly into different types of bars. So for example, your next one will be a potsticker bar, and then there’s also going to be a macaroni and cheese bar,” Reynolds said.

Their goal is to expand it so that a multitude of students will be able to participate in this new addition to the cafeteria.

“There’s going to be a lot of cool ideas coming down the pipeline, and I foresee it going off from there. Hopefully, we can get to something every day at some point,” Reynolds said.

This new tradition will give students a meal of their own, but the potatoes take about 2 hours to make, so running out means that the line closes. Make sure to get to the food bar for a unique and customized lunch, only on Thursdays.

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