Inundating Floridians with political ads and sound bites about the upcoming  Gubernatorial elections, candidates express their views on important topics.  Candidates’ perspectives encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from conservative to liberal and in between.  For several students, the approaching election is their first chance to elect a representative into governing bodies.  An elected governor will appoint all board positions and approve legislature.  With the privilege of influencing elections comes the responsibility to maintain informed viewpoints of leading candidates.

To vote in the elections, scheduled for Nov. 2, students must have been registered by Oct. 4.  To register, one must be 18 though pre-registration is available at 16.

Gubernatorial Candidates:

Rick Scott:

After his term in the Navy ended, Rick Scott attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Southern Methodist University to earn business and law degrees.

Scott developed a career in health care, buying the Columbia Hospital Corporation.  Scott also co-founded the Solantic Urgent Care.

Civil Rights:

• Pro-life

• Opposes same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption.


• Believes in limited government regulation

• Wants agencies to oversee funding in  government programs


• Supports merit pay

•Wants to increase funding for charter schools for randomly selected students

Health Care:

• Opposes Obama’s health care reforms


• Supports regulations on offshore drilling

• Wants to invest in  nuclear energy and other alternative energy sources


• Keep taxes low on employers

•Educate workforce

Alex Sink:

With a degree in mathematics from Wake Forest University, Sink became the President of the Florida division of Bank of America.

Sink became Florida’s Chief Financial Officer in 2006.  She also served on the Commission on Government Accountability to the People and Education Commission.

Civil Rights:

• Pro-choice

• Supports civil unions and same-sex adoptions, not same-sex marriage


• Expand job sectors by investing in retirement, infrastructure, imports/exports, and convention companies as well as small businesses


• Supports merit pay and merit funding
• Supports   career/technical programs

Health Care:

• Supports  Obama’s health care reforms

Wants to step away from fossil fuels toward solar, bio-fuel and nuclear industries

• Give tax breaks to local employers to discourage overseas job creation

• Invest in the expansion of economic sectors

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