Colleges today offer numerous majors which, at times, can be overwhelming. Students entering college are now having to declare their major freshman year, leaving students wondering how best to choose the right one.

“Job shadowing is an efficient way to help decide a major,” College and Career advisor Ann Cadman said. “Talk to people who are in jobs that appeal to you and ask what they majored in.”

The College and Career Center can provide students with the tools to make an informed decision.

College Board, the company who creates the SAT and Advanced Placement programs, says starting college without having a major picked isn’t a bad thing. Another recommended tactic to finding a major is taking a major quiz, such as the one provided below.

Majors Quiz

1. In my free time I…

A) read historical fiction or watch the History Channel

B) write poems or in my journal

C) play games of problem solving, like Sudoku

D) draw, paint, sculpt or take pictures

E) build models, work on cars or surf the Internet.

2. I am known for being…

A) the factual helper

B) the expressive writer

C) the number cruncher

D) the creative one

E) the logical one

3. I am fascinated by…

A) people’s cultures and living organisms

B) literature

C) patterns and challenges

D) art and colorful interactions

E) inventions

4. When I work, I like…

A) references and resources to use

B) specific guidelines

C) to break down tasks into small objectives

D) to use colors and crafting tools

E) to figure out how things work

5. Where on campus do you spend the majority of your time?

A) the library

B) the writing center

C) the math center

D) the music or art rooms

E) the computer lab

6. I enjoy watching…

A) the History Channel

B) love stories or comedies

C) medical shows

D) reality shows, MTV, VH1

E) the Discovery Channel

7. My study habits include…

A) memorization of all the needed facts

B) 0utlining the information

C) making graphs and charts

D) creating visual note cards

E) rationalizing the material

8. In my future job I want to…

A) understand people

B) influence the world with my writing

C) solve problems

D) create beautiful things to look at

E) build things

9. When I work I always…

A) have a reference book to make sure everything is correct

B) fix others errors

C) have a calculator

D) have color or pictures in my finished product

E) am in big groups

10. I prefer working…

A) with books and groups of people

B) with paper and a pen in my hand

C) with money or numbers

D) in an environment of open ideas

E) with mechanical objects

11. I prefer friends who…

A) want to explore

B) who can have intellectual conversations

C) I can challenge in problem solving

D) I can joke around with

E) think outside the box

Majority A’s – You should be a history major. Focus on courses such as archaeology, American studies, classical studies, education, geology, geography or anthropology.

Majority B’s – An  English major would suit you best. You work well with literature and language. Some majors that would fit you are creative writing, journalism, pre-law, advertising, public relations or editing.

Majority C’s – Math is your major. You work well with numbers and are a natural problem solver. An accounting, finance, economic, real estate, marketing or business degree would be beneficial.

Majority D’s – A degree in the arts would work best for you. Being a visual, hands on person, these art degrees would please you: theater, the media arts, music, film, fashion or photography.

Majority E’s – Majoring in science is a good course of direction. Being a reasonable thinker, these sub-fields would suit you: computer engineering, culinary science, aerospace engineering, animal science, chemistry or environmental studies.

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