Starting this third quarter, members of National Honor Society will need to complete their mandatory five hours of community service via four specific service clubs.  The clubs include: the Writing Center, the Math Center, AVID and Lunch +.

National by-laws for the group states that all members must participate in a community service project together and Lunch + has been chosen to fulfill this requirement.  Lunch + is a new program started to help students in Algebra 1A and Algebra 1.  Any student that has a zero on an assignment must make up the work during one of the Lunch + sessions.  This will be in room 811B during both lunch shifts.  Members are required to attend two of these sessions per nine weeks and they will count for one hour of the five total.

“I think that the students who are assigned to Lunch + will be affected in a very positive manner.  They are given an opportunity to get caught up in their class so that they do not fall behind even further.  If the reason they did not complete the assignment in the first place was due to a lack of understanding, now those students can get one-on-one help from an NHS tutor,” Chafin said.

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