Santa Claus has always been a part, though a myth, of Christmas traditions. Although a myth, children all around the world believe in Santa Claus.

Cherry B. Spielman has her Masters of Science and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Spielman works with  families and children and specializes in psychological testing services. Counseling families and children and being a mother of three (who attend Boone) gives her plenty of experience with kids and what they believe.

Spielman says from strictly a psychological standpoint you would never tell children that Santa exists because it is not true, but believing in Santa is just fun.

“I would not directly tell a lie to a child because it’s a trust issue. Society and media might lead children to believe [in Santa], and if it does, you do not need to discredit it until the children ask,” Spielman said.

Trusting one’s parents only to find out that Santa Claus is fake has the potential to create major trust issues. However, Spielman says the belief in Santa Claus still has positive qualities and beneficial aspects.

“Almost everything associated with Santa Claus is positive and good. It’s about giving. I believe that while a child believes in Santa Claus, it does make Christmas much more exciting,” Spielman said.

Like Spielman, Dr. Phil also thinks the belief in Santa Claus does not do much harm.

“Is there anything negative . . . to have a concrete figure who represents love, and caring and giving?” Dr. Phil said.

However, select religious groups and individuals believe Santa Claus is pagan or unnecessary. For those anxiously awaiting the man in the red suit, it is a part of childhood and the mystery of the Christmas season.

luiz andrade, freshman

I was 11 and we were having a party at a friend’s house. The parents made us go on a scavenger hunt to find Santa and we found him back at our friend’s house. Next Christmas, we were looking through pictures and we passed over “Santa” changing, [at the party the previous year].  It made me laugh like crazy.

lori iacone, junior

I pretended to go to bed and then I covered my sleeping bag in wrapping paper and hid under the tree.  I fell asleep, and when I  woke up my mom had presents and my dad was eating Santa’s cookies. After they left, I went back to bed and didn’t tell them I knew. That year it ruined Christmas for me, but the next year I found out I could get extra presents from “Santa,” because my parents thought I still believed.

cristian torres, senior

Around Christmas time when I was 10, my parents told me not to go into the garage, but I did. I saw a foosball table unwrapped. Then on Christmas morning, the tag said it was from Santa, but I knew it wasn’t. It didn’t ruin Christmas for me; it’s still

the best day of the year.

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