BY DAVID BALLARD The loveliest village on the plains has been savagely pillaged.  Auburn, Alabama –home of Auburn University– was stripped of a precious tradition after a delusional, idiotic Alabama fan took college football fanhood to its ugliest extremes.  After the 2010 Iron Bowl, in which the Auburn Tigers came back from 24 points to defeat archrival and defending national champions Alabama Crimson Tide, this crazed Alabama fan drove to his rival’s campus and planted 65 times the lethal dose of the herbicide Spike 80DF in the 130 year old oaks on the famed Toomers Corner.

The trees have a slim chance of survival and with their imminent death will come more criticism of the fanaticism of the south.  Southern fans are too crazy, they take their sport too far.  But what has gone under the radar is the bond that has grown between the two rival fanbases.  Alabama fans have started fundraising to benefit the trees, supporting their neighbors to the east.  This heart-wrenching tragedy has the potential to show the country the restraint Southern fans can have.  If they are able to refrain from retaliating, then Tiger fans can renforce their reputation for class.  If they, as a collective fanbase, accomplish this then some positive effects will be seen from this otherwise negative situation.  This one disgusting, backwoods hick has ruined an entire community’s livelihood, but the loveliest village on the plains needs to make sure they also become the classiest.

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