Prom dresses galore. In the Kemosabe Kloset, Cindy Gill makes sizes of prom dresses. "The Kemosabe Kloset will always be needed, but especially now during this bad economy," Gill said. The Kloset had over 25 prom dresses. photo/Lindsay Alexander


Logging 321 hours of school-related volunteer service since August, Cindy Gill is the school’s Volunteer of the Year.  While there are no prizes, Gill attended a recognition ceremony at SeaWorld.

“I was surprised, but I am very honored. There are other volunteers at Boone who are so deserving of this award too,” Gill said.

Gill earned this award specifically for her contributions to the Kemosabe Kloset, which is located in Room 127 and is a place where students can receive needed clothes, accessories, and toiletries.

“Gill has a servant’s heart. She works cheerfully and tirelessly to keep the Kemosabe Kloset manned and organized for our students,” school secretary Debra Wiley said.

The foundations for the Kloset were laid in December 2008 when Dr. Margaret McMillen had a concern for students who could not afford formal wear for prom.  Gill volunteered to work for the Parent Teacher Student Association committee representing the Kloset.  The 2009-2010 school year was the Kloset’s  first full  year in use, and at its beginning, Gill became the chairperson of the Kloset’s committee.

The Kloset is run by volunteers who help several days a week and the clothes are all donations from students, parents or community persons.

“Cindy, Karen [Reiff] and I work together as a team in the Kloset. We have gotten to know one another’s strengths and we rely on each other.  We are all committed to making the Kloset as successful as possible,” Donna Wilson, fellow volunteer and friend, said.

The Kloset accepts anything from sweatshirts  to prom dresses and even offers magnet uniforms, graduation gowns, and professional clothes for job interviews.  Gill cleans and mends the clothes if necessary and then sorts them by size and hangs them for display.

“My favorite part [of helping in the Kemosabe Kloset] is when students who truly needs the Kloset comes in and finds something they really, really need.  Their faces and words of appreciation really touch my heart every time,” Gill said.

Besides offering countless hours of service to the Kemosabe Kloset, Gill is also actively involved in every class council.  She has helped the Senior Class with the blood drive, the Junior Class with prom ticket sales, the Sophomore Class with the honors breakfast and  chaperoned Polyester Paradise.

“I admire her for her dedication. Her need is to feel that she’s helping and she does it with a big heart,” Reiff, friend and fellow volunteer, said.

Gill stresses that the Kloset is run with confidentiality in mind and that the volunteers try to respect student’s privacy as much as possible. This past winter the Kemosabe Kloset supplied over 50 students with holiday gifts, including $40 Target gift cards.

“I love helping out as many committees, teachers, staff and events as I can, the Kloset will always hold a special place in my heart,” Gill said.

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