It should come as no surprise that Clay Townsend’s favorite high school memories are the dress up days for prom and homecoming week. The new Mr. BHS is a campus icon for going all out when he dresses up, an attitude that translates to his academics as well.

“I’ve always wanted to do my best in everything, so I wouldn’t have any regrets when I got older,” Townsend said.
This trait lead Townsend to a 4.0 GPA and his current status as a valedictorian. He plans to attend the University of Florida to ultimately have a career in sports medicine.
“I’ve had a couple of big injuries in my high school years. I want to help athletes get better,” Townsend said.
During Townsend’s sophomore year, he separated a growth plate in his shoulder playing baseball. The next fall he tore his anterior cruciate ligament playing linebacker for the football team and faced nine months of rehabilitation. Despite the injury, football remains one of Townsend’s greatest high school memories.
“I met a lot of good friends through football. The whole team aspect of it was a lot of fun. I would not have rather spent my time doing anything else,” Townsend said.
When he wasn’t on the playing field, Townsend’s favorite class in high school was Victoria Nicoll’s AP Language.
“It was a really challenging class. I learned a lot about work ethic, and it taught me how to think,” Townsend said.
Townsend’s work ethic is largely responsible for his high school successes.
“I can’t make myself do something halfway,” Townsend said.

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